Silent Sunday — April 20th

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Hot Cross Buns

One of the first tweets I saw this morning was this one:

hot cross buns

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Ranty Friday — Approaches

I am going to try and keep Ranty Friday quite “measured” this week.     I don’t want it to come across as a full blown rant but it is something I feel I need to talk about this week as it has really made me quite, well sad and grumpy in equal measure.

The first rule of blog club is that you don’t talk about blog club on your blog.  Well I don’t do rules so I AM going to talk about something blog related.   Namely approaches from third parties that want to have their service / product / client / event mentioned on this blog.

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The Gallery — My Favourite Place

I have two of these.  I can’t narrow it down to just one favourite place I am afraid.  So for the Gallery this week I am going to have to share two.

The first, the one on the left is our kitchen.   My favourite part of the house.   Often the tidiest.  Often the noisiest.   Often the busiest.   Often the perfect spot for a bit of contemplation whilst staring out of the window as the kettle boils.  Often the most chaotic.

I love our kitchen it really is the heart and soul of our house.

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Mummy Barrow Loves Easter

I am really looking forward to next weekend.  A glorious four day weekend with nothing planned other than Sunday lunch at a nearby pub.   Maybe I will get to have the much coveted lie in until mid day that always eludes me.   Wonders never cease, right?

In the run up to Easter I have been lucky enough to receive lots of lovely Easter goodies from various places so I thought I would do a little Easter round up in case you still need to go out and get last minute bits.

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Do women suffer more from colds than men

No matter how healthy you are, it seems there is no escaping the common cold roundabout. According to the NHS, adults usually have an average of between two and four colds per year – mostly between the months of September and May. Children tend to be as sickly as each other and when they are little, boys and girls can suffer up to 12 bouts of cold and flu every year.

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Dear Robert Downey Jr

So you have joined Twitter.  Finally.   Excellent.   Welcome to the best bar in town.   Not that it is my bar or that I am in any position to welcome you but I do feel I need to have a word.   Initially on Friday night when I heard you had joined Twitter was a bit “yeah, whatever”.   Not because I am not a fan, but because I knew what would happen once you had joined.

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Silent Sunday — April 13th

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Gadget Show Live — Review

Everyday things drop in my inbox for review.  Sometimes small things, sometimes larger things.  Sometimes an invite to an event.   Increasingly I am having to turn down the latter as I just can’t juggle everything else that goes on at Barrow Towers on a Daily Basis.    Last week though something different happened.   I received an invite to an event that I knew I couldn’t attend but I knew just the people who might be able to.

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