3 Top Tips for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

3 Top Tips for last minute Christmas shopping

Bright lights, crisp air and a general sense of merriment. It can only mean one thing: Christmas is here! And the impending feeling that you have left it all to the last minute! You’ll no doubt want to get everything sorted before the big day arrives – but if you haven’t bought gifts yet, don’t worry. 

We provide three easy ways to master the last-minute festive shop. 

Stay at home (yes, really!) 

Let’s be honest, if we don’t do it months in advance, is Christmas shopping really that fun? Head to the high street at almost any point in December, and you’ll likely find it inundated with frantic shoppers. Visit during the week of the 25th, and it will most definitely be heaving. The solution? It couldn’t be simpler: stay at home and buy presents online. Just remember to note when the last posting date is, and you’ll be able to master gift buying this season. Postal experts like Parcel2Go can provide all the information you need on this, even if you think you have left it to the last minute. It really is that easy to take the hassle out of Christmas buying! 

Gift monthly subscriptions 

Are you strapped for time this season? Is your schedule eating into time set aside for present buying? If the answer to either is yes and you are feeling it is all a bit last minute, don’t worry. You could always give a monthly subscription to a loved one or a friend this Christmas. That way, your ongoing gift will be delivered straight to their door, meaning that you won’t have to fret over parcel delivery dates and wrapping. 

To decide on the perfect subscription service, simply consider your friend or family member’s interests. Are they keen on a particular sport, for example? Or do they love gardening? Whatever their hobby, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal subscription for them. 

Make your own wrapping paper 

Whoever said that wrapping paper is an essential part of a gift? It doesn’t have to be! After all, you’re free to create your own kind of Christmas! If you don’t the time to go out and buy wrapping paper (let’s be honest, who really does?), why not just display presents in a fancy paper shopping bag? Or you could make your own! Just take some newspaper and paint over it lightly in a festive colour. 

Why stop with wrapping paper? How about making your own cards, too? Set aside an afternoon one weekend before Christmas, and you’ll likely have all the time you need to create your own batch. 

Last-minute Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be stressful – in fact, it can be straightforward and fun. Follow any one of our top tips, and you’ll be able to give some truly special presents this year. 

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