Buying your first home

It is six months since C moved into a rented flat with her boyfriend D.   They have loved building their first home together and work hard to look after it, as it is rented.   They are also working to hard to save up their first deposit to buy their own first home.   Their landlord is a nightmare, one of those people who just shouldn’t be a landlord because they think they can bully their tenants into doing what they like, not realising the law says differently.

So anyway we have been talking about ways to save money to speed along the process of them buying their first home.   Living in the south east and being first time buyers makes it tricky to get that first step on the property ladder so we they need to do all they can now be able to afford to buy in a few years time.

Here are some of things I have suggested to them

  • Don’t just throw those bits of paper you get at the supermarket check out into your handbag, they can be worth money.   Real money off a next shop.   Or off fuel.   It might not seem like 2p off a litre is much money but it is something.
  • When buying things online use a site such as Top Cash Back.   They have retailers that will offer you cash for simply shopping with them, via Top Cash Back.   I ordered a £10 box of chocolates recently as a gift, and I got the £10 back.  So the present cost me nothing.
  • Try and cut back on buying coffees in high street shops.  They are typically upwards of £3 each.   That can add up to £60 a month.   That could be your council tax bill paid!   Buy an insulated mug and make your own before you leave for work.   Ditto a packed lunch.  Even meal deals designed to save money still cost more than it would for you to make it at home.
  • Consider selling clothes you non longer wear on eBay, or doing a car boot sale.   It is amazing how easily you can raise £50 from items in the wardrobe that have just sat there for a while  and that you are not going to wear again.
  • Do your supermarket shop online.   I find I do much less impulse buying when I am doing it online.   I stick to the food on my list and don’t add things we don’t really need, like chocolatey biscuits.  Or a new t-shirt!
  • Consider charity shops for gifts.  Many such as Oxfam have new things so you need to feel you are giving something “second hand”.   Not only do you save money on the cost of something that the recipient might not want, but you are doing good too.

There is no denying that saving money IS hard work but if you just put your mind to it you might be able to save £50 a month by just changing the way you do things normally.

If you have any other ideas for ways to save money I would love to hear them and pass them on to C and D!


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  1. Kirsty France says

    Go onto – they have loads of comparison tools to help you get the best deal on utility bills and other regular expenses. You can also sign up for a weekly email which gives general advice and also a round up of good offers on groceries – we got £23 champagne for £9 a bottle just before Christmas!

    I hope it goes well for them – we were really lucky to get on the housing ladder just before the market went mad.

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