Camp Bestival here we come

You may have noticed over on the side bar over there *points to the right hand side* that we have proudly announced that we are official Camp Bestival bloggers this year.   Now, regular readers may think this is hilarious.  The idea of me going to a festival again after what happened with Reading Festival and the 18 hour road trip to hire a camper van as I refused to use the loos at a Festival eight miles up the road is, frankly, laughable.  This was my post festival round up and it proclaimed it might be my last ever.

Well dear reader, I am nothing if not willing to try things.   And everybody tells me that Camp Bestival is nothing like Reading and that I will love it.

So we are in.

Now I have to confess here that I have not completely embraced the whole sleeping in a tent thing and using a shewee.  No.   But we have found a sort of compromise.   Mr B has booked for us to stay in the Hotel Bell Tent.   You rock up to the campsite and your tent is up, your airbed is inflated and your duvets are already on the bed.   There are loos and hot showers in the nearby “posh campsite” so you don’t have to worry.  Or hover.

And there is somewhere to plug in hair dryers. Or phone chargers.

Oh yes.  This is my idea of camping.

And Camp Bestival really does sound like our kind of festival:

The Soul Park

The only space at the show where escape from the hustle and bustle is guaranteed, the Soul Park is a great place for families to hang out and be enriched. Open all day on Thursday, you can join in with the Camp Bestival Opening Ceremony at 7pm, the area also boasts the Soul Dome, a 360′ immersive cinema which has a full programme of kid’s short films, and mind expanding and immersive ‘audio/sound baths’. While the kids bliss out in the 360 cinema or relax in a hammock, or have a go on our new trapeze, you could visit one of our qualified practitioners. Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Thai massage, Acupressure, Holistic and Aromatherapy will all be available for booking onsite.

The Guardian Literary Festival

Camp Bestival Arts Producer, Becky Burchell, says: “The Guardian Literary Institute is our inspirational oasis for grown-ups – I always feel totally rejuvenated after hanging out here listening to the incredible speakers and poets. Nature is a strong theme this year, as we look at ways to help us reconnect with the great outdoors. I can’t wait to hear about Michaela Strachan’s crazy animal adventures, and David Bond from Project Wild Thing will be telling us how we can get more Wild Time! “Plus Jo Whiley, Howard Marks and our very own Rob da Bank are reading us Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at bedtime, and we’ve got hugely varied talks from art master Martin Creed, punk Viv Albertine and midwife Caroline Flint. Scroobius Pip will be leading the spoken word, along with Polar Bear, Kate Tempest and Chris Redmond, who are amongst the most talented poets in the UK. I’m not sure how I’m going to tear myself away!”

50 Things Meadow

As part of Camp Bestival’s passion to get everyone connected with Mother Nature and the wonders of the great outdoors, we’re delighted to announce that the National Trust will be bringing the 50 things meadow to Lulworth Castle, giving kids a brilliant taster of their amazing ’50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ initiative.


Everyone loves a laugh, so we are particularly please that top comedian Milton Jones will be leading a side-splitting line-up of clowns at this year’s Camp Bestival. Renowned for his deadpan delivery and surrealistic flights of fancy, all encapsulated in the most sublime one liners, Milton is a regular star of Mock the Week, as well as a stalwart of BBC Radio 4s comedy output and he has a natty line in very loud shirts too, so don’t miss him. There will also be funny business throughout the weekend with comedy sets from The Pajama MenNat LuurtsemaBen NorrisMarkus BirdmanColin HoultMatt ReedJim SmallmanGeorge EggSarah Bennetto and the amazing Comedy Club 4 Kids!

Amazing food

In addition to the restaurants, we will also have supper clubs at Camp Bestival for those who enjoy a touch of refinement. Joining the previously announced Crayfish Bob, we’ll also have Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, a food event that merges its Ghanaian roots with a contemporary dining experience. Offering home spun, home cooked food, it’s always fun, always relaxed and always tasty, bringing Ghanaian culture to an ever-wider European audience through food.

I can’t wait to taste the Ghanian food and be reminded of our time in Accra last year

And of course there is


The musical line up is huge.  But includes such greats as Basement Jaxx, de la soul, Johnny Marr, Sinead O’Connor, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Steve Mason and James.  Mr B is a massive fan of James, listening to their albums is what got him through university.   I am secretly really looking forward to Chas and Dave.   I think they are going to absolutely smash it.

So as you can see it is going to be a jam packed few days and I cannot WAIT.
You can find all the information you might want on getting tickets here:  Camp Bestival Ticket info
But first of all I need a kit list of things I need, apart from the tent.  So hit me with your must have festival essentials please!  If you put “shewee” or suggest I get “shewee enabled pants”  I am going to stare at you really really hard.


  1. says

    Never. Ever. go near a Shewee / Shepee….. and I say that as a woman who tried it and ended up with widdle down her legs, walking round in wee-soaked leggings for a whole evening last year.
    In other news, the food is awesome there -such fab variety! Roll on Camp Bessie!

  2. says

    see you there – you can stare at me then, I’ll have my shewee (and extension pipe) LOL

    I’m staring in judgement on your feebleness and ‘glamping’ tsk tsk


  3. says

    Hope you have a fantastic time!! We aren’t going to a festival until September… and it’s just around the corner so will definitely be enjoying a good nights sleep in my own bed before returning the next day.
    Looks like so much to do at Bestival – have fun :) x

  4. says

    GO YOU! We popped our Camp Bestival cherry last year and it was AMAZING! For all of us! We weren’t planning to go this year, but you might have just changed my mind 😉 x

  5. Kirsty France says

    A box of wine! I don’t know Camp Bestival’s policy on BYO, but lots of festivals don’t allow glass on site. We used to save cash by taking our own booze so a wine box was perfect.

    Have a great time – I’d be tempted if son #2 wasn’t only three months old!

  6. says

    So can’t wait to see you. We’ve just written and shared our festival packing list. Take a look and see what you think we’ve left off :)

  7. says

    Your idea of camping sounds a lot better than my last experience of camping!

    I’ve never done anything like Camp Bestival with my two as I always thought they might get a bit overwhelmed by it all so I’m going to be watching everyone’s posts afterwards to see what I think about next year x

  8. says

    Yippppeee! We’re going too. I am so looking forward to it and your post has just made me even more excited. See you in the Bollywood bar 2pm Saturday unless the kids distract me to something else :)


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