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Maria Miller

Ranty Friday — Maria Miller

Well you didn’t think a Ranty Friday would go past without me mentioning Maria Miller did you?    I have to say I have been appalled by the way she has behaved recently.   I haven’t followed the entire saga and know all the ins and outs but what I do know about makes me properly rage.

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Ranty Friday — Table Manners

This has been getting on my wick for months.

And this week it made me actually rage out loud.  Pause the TV and take a photograph.

Two photos in fact.

What in particular with regards to table manners am I talking about on Ranty Friday this week?   Well that picture above, that’s what.  Two different settings on Corrie this week, both those photos taken within five minutes of each other.

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Ranty Friday — Flying

There is one particular part of flying that really gets on my wick.    Don’t get me wrong, I love flying.    I love almost every aspect of it. Delays don’t particularly annoy me.    Having to sit around for two hours ahead of check in are fine.    Queues are all part of the process and don’t upset me.    But one thing really does.  And it is a really really silly thing.   I admit that.   But last week, having done four flights I was having to bite my fist.

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Ranty Friday — Hotel internet

Last week I had a meeting in a hotel (stop smirking at the back!) where we perched in Reception for a couple of hours to have an offline discussion and do a bit of recruiting. I don’t get to see my main client that often as both our jobs are fairly mobile, and she’s not my only client.  Plus, well I often have important Tweets to send

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Ranty Friday — Birth

Well clearly not birth itself.  Obviously.   But this week on Ranty Friday something has got right on my wick.    We heard that Nick Knowles and his lovely wife were expecting their first child together in August.   Excellent news you might think.   But not if you have read about in the press or seen “debates” on Twitter.

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Ranty Friday — Boasts

Not people boasting about stuff, that one-up-manship that men do in the pub but on Ranty Friday this week I am talking about something I read a lot:  Estate Agents’ details.   You know the ones I am talking about, don’t you?   You don’t?   Let me give you some examples:

“This property is in a residential location” — well no shit Sherlock.  Where would it be?  In the middle of an industrial estate?

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Ranty Friday — Lord Rennard

Right before we go any further this rant is not about him, nor am I making any comment about him.  So if you are thinking of suing me for libel you can forget it.

What am I talking about is my understanding of events this week.   A case of sexual harrassment against him is dismissed due to lack of evidence.  Now.   Another thing to get straight here.  This does not mean he is innocent and the women who made the claims are liars.  I am not saying that at all.  Four women made claims against him so  I am not saying the harrassment didn’t happen.  I am making no comment on that for fear of being sued.   Only the parties involved know the truth.   What I am talking about is the fact that the in the absence of evidence and a guilty verdict he is, well, not guilty.   Whether we agree with that outcome or not right now it is a fact.

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Ranty Friday — B&Q Again

To date I have not had to blog about the same rant twice on Ranty Friday.  I blog, I get it out of my system and I calm down again.  Or whatever it was I was ranting about get resolved and that is the end of that.

Not this week though

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Ranty Friday — Stereotyping

Ranty Friday is back baby.   Not with a bang but more with a grrrrrrr.   It didn’t feel right that my first post of the year would be a Ranty Friday so I skipped last week.

And to be honest I didn’t have anything in mind until we went to B&Q at the weekend.

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