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Social Pix — May 5th

Sorry it is such a rubbish picture for Social Pix this week.  But I can’t resist fireworks, especially in May!

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Social Pix — April 7th

Guess E isn’t coming to Ascot today then…….

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Social Pix — March 31st

My school run is 12 miles each way and I do that four times a day.   It is a monotonous journey that I could now do in my sleep as I have been doing it for years.

Every so often though I see something that breaks up the journey, makes it more interesting or becomes a talking point.   Lambs in one of the fields, a house being built, flowers left in memory, presumably, of somebody who has been killed.   For the past week I have been driving past the above.

Icicles on the roadside in one particular spot.   Driving to school I couldnt work out how they were there.  Why they were there.   On the way back as I drove through a puddle I realised how and why.

It was minus one.    As it is a fast road it had been impossible to take a picture as there was always somebody behind me.   On Thursday though E saw an opportunity and took that snap.

Nature at its finest, don’t you think?


Social Pix — March 24th

Every now and again you see a picture and it sticks with you.  It gets under your skin and moves you in ways that no picture has for a long time.   Social Pix is normally a picture I have taken but this week it is a picture I saw on the Twitter feed of @fascinatingpics.  A picture that really got under my skin.

An Iraqi boy who had lost his mum so he drew a picture of her on the floor and then curled up to sleep next to her.

It makes my heart break

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Final Punctuation

Social Pix — March 17th

Having read my post on punctuation last week, my lovely friend Jan sent me this.  Simply saying on the reverse:  Saw this and thought of you

Good job she clarified it was because she had read my blog and it wasn’t just a general statement on my character!

I love it

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Social Pix — February 24th


You know my thing about roof tops, right?  Can you imagine how I felt to be on the 15th floor of a central London hotel this week?

At night?

So Social Pix this week just HAS to be one of those pictures.

I could have sat at this window all night.    Except for the fact it was in the corridor and not our room so I might have been asked to move along.

But look at that view.   You can see the London Eye, the Shard, the Gherkin, all the big central London attractions.

I just love it!



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Social Pix — February 10th

Social Pix this week has to be a pic from this week, doesn’t it?

This is me helping to grease some of the 200 bread tins at the Virtuous Women’s Bakery last Monday.   All of the ladies there that needed child care had their children in the nursery on site.  Or if small babies, on their backs.

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Social Pix — February 3rd

This is my Social Pix for this week. This is Team Honk just before our “AGM” (gin drinking / blog drafting / general screaming session)

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Social Pix — January 27th

Yesterday 21 of us all met up in the secret room at Choccywoccydoodah in Central London.   We came from far and wide.  Angie came from Lancashire JUST for this, Hannah came from Coventry, Jamillah came from Southend and many others came from the home counties.   All to spend a couple of hours meeting up with bloggers they had either met before, or had been chatting to online for months.
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