Christmas stockings are not just for kids

Well at least I don’t think that Christmas stockings are just for kids.  I think Santa should bring stockings for everybody, don’t you?  Much like in a post earlier this week where I said  crackers are over looked, I think the same about stockings.  Why should Santa just bring them for children?  Okay maybe that would over work Santa and his sleigh would buckle under the weight, but how about the grown ups organise stockings for the grown ups?

I am a huge fan of stockings and see them as a way to let the excitement of Christmas start as soon as we wake up, even as an adult.  We have a range of ages staying over on Christmas Eve, and some travelling to us on the day, so the main event of present opening doesn’t happen until late morning.  With a stocking we can all delve in over breakfast and see what we have, ahead of the major presents.

You can put in an orange or some nuts (traditional after all) and maybe an annual or book?  Or how about any of the following other ideas.

Dead Sea Mineral Bath Care

The power of Dead Sea minerals is unrivalled, and the calming and healing properties they have are well known.  With the heating well and truly on at this time of year more and more people find themselves suffering from dry, flaky skin so these can really help.   They also smell amazing (and come in a box so don’t worry about them damaging other things in your stocking).   The range also includes bath salts, shampoo and conditioner.

£3.75 a bar

Chocolate Sprouts

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without the sprouts, would it?  And if, like me, you can’t stand the things then how about some chocolate ones?



The loudest cycle horn in the world

This bad boy is 140dB of noise.  Guaranteed to alert other road users to your presence.   It will fit any bike and is small and light enough to be removed and put in a back pack when the bike is chained up outside.   A must have for any cycling enthusiast



Nivea Gift set

I love Nivea products.  They are so reasonably priced and always do what they claim on the front.   This little lot comes in a handy gift box that would fill any Christmas stocking and be very warmly received I am sure.   Plus if you buy it in Boots it is part of the three for two deal they do




Gosh you can never have too many books in a stocking if you ask me, and these are perfect for  a stocking because the recipient could read them before they even get out of bed.    They are all novellas that link an iconic cinema classic with a modern story.  I say they, there is another one called Forever on Thursdays that my mother in law nabbed when she saw them because it sounded so good.     It is based on Brief Encounter, and just brilliant.   Lunch with Harry is a tribute to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and 12 Troubled Jurors on 12 Angry Men.   Definitely worth putting one, or all of these, in stockings this Christmas because at around 65 pages long they might also come in useful when Match of The Day is on again and you need an escape!

£5.99 for the paperback, £1.99 for the Kindle version

New Jumper

Who wouldn’t want to come down on Christmas morning with a new jumper or T shirt?  I am a huge fan of The North Face range and know they are always well received as presents.   I have a few of their fleeces, including the above, which is actually in the men’s range but I like my jumpers to be roomy so this one is perfect.   Great for dog walks, or just being cosy in front of the telly just before you fall in to a Turkey induced coma!



Come on, what could be better in a stocking for grown ups than a miniature of the recipient’s favourite tipple?  Time was there were only a couple of miniatures to chose from in the off licence but now most distilleries do their own, and online retailers stock them.  Not that I am recommending drinking them before breakfast on Christmas morning, but they might make a nice night cap before everybody turns in for the night.

From £2.95


Something personalised

There is something very special about a personalised gift.  Something that says “I thought about your presents before Christmas Eve because the lead time on this was over a week”.   I am also a massive fan of Snapdragon who do a wonderful array of gifts.    If you are quick you can still get on their website and order something personalised in time for Christmas and they always have something for that impossible to buy for person (there are five of those on my list to buy for!).   Jane, who started the company says:

The business is based around my life – my love of dogs, gardening, vintage vehicles, long walks and good food shared with friends and family.

I believe that thoughtful, practical, well made gifts are important in life and that it is a privilege to be able to make a living making them for people.

So anything from that website is going to be made with love, and duly adored by the recipient.  No stocking should be without something from this amazing company

From around £5



Last but not least, how can you not love to find some stationery in your stocking?  No matter the age we can never have too many post it notes or pencils brightening up our desks in my opinion.   Mustard are a discovery for me this year, a great range of brightly coloured and humorous stationery items that would make anybody’s day quite frankly

From around £5

All company websites where you can buy the products are linked under the subject heading or in bold so you can find them easily by clicking on the links.

Do let me know if you come across anything else you think would be great in a stocking!


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