Climb Snowdon for Comic Relief. Job done

Team Honk’s engagement with Comic Relief started off as firmly being about fund raising.   That was what I had in mind when I contacted Emma Freud about getting bloggers on board.   And it was that in mind that Annie and I went to visit them in December.

Forty eight hours for three of us in Ghana came about as an off shoot of that.   An amazing off shoot.  A life changing off shoot.   And unexpectedly for me, an inspiring off shoot.

And so it would seem, inspiring for others too.

This weekend Team Honk swelled to a team of 21 and walked up Snowdon.  Arranged with three weeks notice.  People gave up their weekends.   They organised child care.   They spent their own money on transport.  On sorting out car sharing.   Accommodation.   Buying equipment.  Contacting companies asking them if they might donate some essentials to us such as socks from Hi Tec, Who Made Your Pants who sent the Superman Stylee pants, Gower Cottage who sent brownies, the Youth Hostel Association who offered to feed people staying with them.  Even Stena Line who didn’t charge for Kate’s car to come over from Ireland.

All with one aim in mind.  To raise money for Comic Relief.

It was with that single aim that the team came together, many not having met before, to walk 1000m up hill.   With red pants over the top.

I am so proud of everybody who got off their arses and did it.  Did something not so funny for money.  Yes there were moments of hilarity I am sure.   And spirits were certainly high (as was the gin content of some of the team’s blood stream).   But this challenge is not funny.  It is hard work.   It hurts like hell the day after.   And like hell with bells on the day after that.

There was no way I was doing it.  I don’t do walking unless there is a High Street involved and I knew I would hinder this group, which is why I have my own cycle challenge next weekend.  But since I am pretty good at organising things I made sure I had the clipboard of phone numbers should something happen to any of our climbers.   First aid kit.   Brownies.   And gin.   I arrived with 12 tins of gin.   Well, you can never have too many for this group.

The original target was £1000 and we have slowly increased our target up to £5000 which we smashed yesterday.  So knowing there is still some to come in we have raised it again, now to £6000.    It is hard to imagine just what this money does for people in Africa in the UK but let me give you an idea

£1 buys books for a school child in Ghana

£5 buys a mosquito net that may stop somebody being bitten and catching malaria

£25 ensures a family in Kenya have regular access to clean water

£50 keeps a child in Uganda safe, sheltered, off the streets and fed for a whole month in Uganda

£100 pays for two people recovering from mental health problems to do a six week course to help them deal with difficult experiences.

Please, if you can donate the cost of just one coffee from a non-tax paying chain you can make a real difference.   The sponsorship page is here:

Team Honk Snowdon Challenge

And if you want to sponsor me doing something funny for money then please consider chucking that coffee money at this page.   I have not been on a bike for 25 years.   This could be a disaster of epic proportions:

Mummy Barrow’s Bike Ride

Thank you.

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Featured Photo credit to Kate Gunn at Kate Takes 5

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