The Frame Club — A Review

Every year there is one present that makes me excited.  That is the one gift  I think “this is the one I most chuffed about”.

A frame containing pictures of my dad’s pride and joy.  His Jaguar XK140, known as Beasty, has been driven all over the world, from London to Sydney in 2005, from Panama to Alaska in 2008, and next year Beasty will see Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.   I am pretty sure that when he opens this on Christmas day there will be a small tear in his eye.

I made this picture in about ten minutes using an app called Frame Club Once the app is downloaded you simply upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your camera roll, arrange and crop them as you wish, and hit confirm.   You can choose from three layouts: a single photo, four or nine images and you can then choose from either a black, grey or white frame.

Your finished product is then delivered around three days later.   It really is that simple.  No rummaging through albums, no sellotaping photos to bits of paper to stop them slipping etc.

Clever, huh?

I am thrilled with the end result.

Frame Club is the latest innovation from Dyson Art who have years of framing experience, having worked for some of the world’s leading galleries such as the Tate and the V&A.   So my dad now has pictures lifted from his Facebook profile, framed by a team who have worked with Pablo Picasso and Tracey Emin.   How cool is that?!

I think it is a real shame that despite us taking over a trillion photos this year very few of those are likely to see anything other than the camera roll they sit in.  Admittedly many of the 23,000 photos on my phone are of cats or food but there are some photos in there that I am really proud of and should really get framed and on the wall.

Frame Club now makes that an easy, and fun, way to do that.  With prices starting from just £25 they are make great gifts, or a perfect way to show off a favourite photograph.

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