Freesat TV — A review

What are you doing with that remote control?

I am putting the football on, Chelsea are playing against <insert foreign football team> in the <insert one of the forty thousand different cup / leagues there seem to be> tonight.

You don’t support Chelsea or <insert foreign team> you support Man City and they got knocked out in the first round

So?  I want to see how Chelsea get on

But Great British Bake Off / Grand Designs / Location Location Location / Coronation Street / Meet the Russians / is on


Oh forget it

Cue me stomping off to the kid’s playroom in the hope the teens are all in their rooms on Skype / Netflix etc

Oh you are in here

Yes, I am watching Keeping up with the Kardashians / 999 what’s your emergency / Top Gear / Hollyoaks


Cue me mumbling about the TV in our house and how life is SO UNFAIR.

Yes, I can record the programmes as we have Sky+ but like most people who embrace social media I want to watch it live so I can join in with the # that every programme seems to have these days.   There is nothing worse than a Twitter feed full of “oooh that’s a soggy bottom if ever I saw one #GBBO” and not knowing who has just been told off by Paul Hollywood.

When an email dropped into my inbox from Mumsnet Blog network a month or two ago saying they were looking for bloggers to review a Humax Freesat box I screamed out loud.   A few questions on a Survey Monkey form on line and then “why do you want to review this?” or some such question.  I poured out my poor sob story above and how I wanted to sneak off upstairs with a cup of tea to watch MY programmes on MY TV when I want.

Selfish much?


I screamed again when I got an email confirming I had been selected as one of the lucky bloggers.   We will gloss over the fact that it meant Mr B then had to go out and buy a telly.   Or that I had to spend four days cleaning and tidying and rearranging things to make a space.

The email said:

Hello. We’re freesat. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a monthly subscription to watch and listen to 180 channels of the best comedy, drama, sport, lifestyle, music and news. We offer free HD services from ITV, the BBC and Channel 4; freesat+ to record pause and rewind, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand5; and all subscription free.”

Freesat launched <freetime> last Autumn which includes a Roll Back TV Guide that allows you to watch programmes you’ve missed from the previous seven days across 21 channels, a new showcase section providing top TV picks chosen daily by Freesat’s reviewers, on-demand services and enhanced recordings.

Freesat is a subscription free service and Freesat+ boxes are available to buy from a range of retailers – RRP from £226

As the famous movie line goes they had me at “Hello”.

We also need to gloss over the fact that I decided to put it as far away from a plug socket as it was possible to be.    You should know by now that I don’t do things by halves.

The engineer duly arrived and installed it all effortlessly.   We don’t have a TV aerial so I was worried about how we would connect it.  The engineer explained that he could hook it up to our exisiting satellite dish!  Brilliant.  Job all done in less than an hour.

A word of caution though.  The box gives you the ability to watch things on catch up or on demand but ONLY if you are connected to the internet.   Our box has been installed too far away from the router downstairs to run cabling so we don’t have the on demand services.   Apparently you can get power line adapters that you plug into your plug sockets that can talk to each other and connect your device to the router wirelessly but we don’t have those so for now we have no on demand stuff.

But that really isn’t an issue since we can do on demand on laptops.   We still have all the other functions, such as over 180 channels, viewing guides and the ability to record programmes (and a whole series at the touch of a button).

Since having it installed I have loved being able to sneak off and watch stuff in peace, knowing that Mr B is not thinking “oh for God sake, not this again”.

Sunday night, mug of tea, sneaking off to bed at 8.55pm and getting into bed to watch Downton Abbey, what could be better?!

Or how about this?  Seeing on Twitter that your good friend Katy Hill is going to be on Daybreak so after dispatching the children to school you can sneak off and get back into bed and watch her.


Even the cat got in on the action the day we had it installed (note the wires trailing from the plug socket #Messy that have now been tidied and run around the door frame thanks to a very clever boyfriend of eldest)


It is rare that I refer to something as life changing but having a TV in our bedroom just might be.   Life is stressful and there are times when sneaking off to bed to watch the TV is the highlight of my week.  It really is the simple things in life that give me the greatest pleasure.

Which might be why I then insisted on getting a Teasmade.

But that’s a different story.


Humax are offering via an exclusive discount code to purchase a 500GB Humax Freesat+ box for £199, a saving of £30. Just enter the code: FT30 when ordering.

I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network a group of parent bloggers picked by Mumsnet to review products, services, events and brands.  I have not paid for the product or had to attend an event.  I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity

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  • How about a bedroom microwave and a toasty maker to complete the set?
    You’d need a bell of course to call for more bread.

    Chelsea lost by the way.

    • haha. That made me laugh. Do you know what, I nearly bought a toaster when I bought the Teasmade. I had to tell myself I was not turning the bedroom into student digs.

  • OK – to say I’m jealous is to understate! A TV? In your BEDROOM?! I DREAM of such things! I dream of a world where I put my TV on in the evening and it doesn’t come up with Mr Tumble! Sat with a glass of merlot in my hand, kids finally in bed, that’s always the cruelest of ironies! Fab post! Oh – and love that you managed to get such an “I’m in serious mode” face from me! Good skills Mummy B! 😉 x