The Gallery — My View Now

I love this theme, it might even be one of my favourites as it gives a real snapshot of a moment in time.  And an insight into people’s lives.

My view at the moment is very different from my usual view on a Wednesday morning.  Normally I would have done the school run and after the usual domestic stuff I would be sitting at the kitchen table doing what I normally do.

Today however I am doing what I normally do but in the most idyllic of locations.   A little spot found by Mr B for our annual holiday, which is in France this year.   A big old converted forge (though we suspect it was once a mill) that we are sharing with friends from England.   The Cootes and Webbs this week, the Cookes next week.   I may never come home.

Tomorrow’s blog post is going to have be How Does Your Garden Grow just so I can blog about the gorgeous garden (see, I soon got bored of ours at home).

That view above then is the view from the dining room, well it should be the dining room.  We have turned it into an office for the week and all computers, camera chargers, iPads etc are based here so we can sit at the table and stare at that view.

Suffice to say, not much is getting done on the computers.   For all of us it has been a frantic few months, for different reasons and there has been an audible sigh as we have all relaxed into the laid back way of life that the French countryside commands.

Sun shining

Stream babbling behind the roses

Birds singing

I could get very used to this I can tell you

Vive La France!

Talking of which, we were here for Bastille Day on Monday and boy do they know how to put on a firework display and celebrate a public holiday, it was brilliant.

Now, I am off for a second cuppa.  Join me?





  1. Anne says

    Lovely – enjoy – I can’t wait to get away and just be for a while – and actually read a book.

  2. Hopalong says

    What a super place! Are you far from the necessities of life?
    :- a baker’s, a meat shop, a cafe/restaurant, an “estaminet”?
    As per my previous advice – “Attention aux crocodils!”

  3. says

    Can I move in? This looks absolutely idyllic. Having not been to France for years and years, we went 3 times last year and I fell in love with it all over again. Whereabouts are you? It’s stunning.

  4. Izzie Anderton says

    Looks so perfect. Make the most of your family holiday and here’s to finding the time for that second cuppa.

  5. says

    It looks fantastic! What a good idea to just take work away with you and do it in a different place at a slower pace. We talked about doing that in Cornwall this year, except our preferred house has NO WIFI. So that isn’t happening.

    • says

      With three teenagers there is no way I could stay somewhere like that. Somebody would die. Actually, it isnt the teens, it is me. But I am loving teh working away from home thing.

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