The Gallery — Younger Me

oh yes people.  Look at that.

On the Gallery this week the theme is one that means there is no escaping a picture of me.   A younger me.   That picture was taken on 22nd November 1998 (not that I have a phenomenal memory, it is date stamped in the left hand bottom corner).    E is a week old.   J is three, and C is 4.   And me?  Well let’s say I am old enough to know better than thinking that nylon shirt and woolly jumper were a good combo.  But most of my clothes were still in a container mid ocean somewhere.  Mind you, I have no idea why they got packed in a suitcase and not in a container.

We were living in a rented house in Bracknell, known as Mr Richard’s.   Having arrived back from Saudi three months before.   I had been there for six years, newly married and returned with two children and heavily pregnant with number three.  In fact it was 22 years next week that I left for the middle eastern adventure, aged just 22.   I am not quite 30 in that picture, and look about 50.  I felt 90 having just had a C section!

But there you have it.  Not just a younger me but younger teens too.  Who are going to kill me.  Sorry kids.   It seems hard to believe when I look at these pics that C is now running her own home and living with D, J has just left college after doing his A levels and starts a job next week, and E was down the front of an Aerosmith gig on Saturday night.

Bloody hell I feel old.

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