Gift ideas for dad

This coming Sunday is Father’s Day and I thought I would do a little round up of some gift ideas, with something for every budget.   I saw my dad last Sunday so gave him his pressie then (how he has the self restraint to keep it for a week, I shall never know.  Suffice to say I did not inherit that trait).

So here goes with a little selection of gift ideas for the men in our lives this weekend (and no, dad the thing I bought for you is not on here so you will have to just keep guessing).


Hotel Chocolat always have great collections for events such as Father’s day, and they have gifts from just a few Pounds up to £45 ish.   Always beautifully packaged, with great tasting chocolate as standard.    There are even a few that have added booze, like this one which is £15:


Personalised Beer anyone?

I am huge fan of the Best of British Beer website.   Particularly because you can make personalised labels for beers, or even glasses.   This pack of three beers is less than £20 and you can choose from either their “Extraordinary Dad” or you can upload your own picture to use for a truly personalised bottle.


If ever I ask Mr B what he wants for his birthday or Christmas the answer is always the same: socks.   I always feel socks are such a rubbish present.  Until now.   The London Sock Company make the most amazing socks.   A little touch of luxury.   They have a boxed set of a big pair for daddy, and a small one for a little one to wear the same socks as daddy.   Or a subscription service where you can sign up for a pair a month.

In their own words:

Our current range are made using the finest Scottish Lisle Thread Cotton. Scottish Lisle Cotton takes its name from a process made famous during Victorian times in Scotland, which improves the chemical structure of luxury cotton fibre. It allows for production of a luxury cotton that is cleaner, more durable and visually much more vibrant in colour. It is not as commonly used to knit socks due to higher costs, but with the right design and knitting skills, the results are far superior.

All in lovely colours, and from £10 each.


 USB Fridge

Yep, you heard me correctly.  A USB fridge, just big enough to hold a can of drink. Plug it into the USB on the computer and bingo… cold drinks at your desk.    Just £15 on IWOOT


And finally.  If you have just won the lottery or want to totally push the boat out.  How about splurging on one of these:

Virgin Galactic


A snip at £25,000.   Well we can but dream, can’t we?

And can I suggest that if you want your cards,  you pop over to Orchard Cards?  They are my favourite on line card buying shop.  I totally love them.  They haev a great selection and offer really quick delivery.

PS they have a whole section for Teacher cards too as we approach the end of term.  Rapidly.

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  • Ooh – LOVING the look of that chocolate! Thanks for the tip. Can’t believe you not only sorted Fathers Day already but GAVE the gift a week early! Which means you sorted it WAY ahead of time! In awe – as ever! I, on the other hand, am Mrs! Again, as ever! *heads to the petrol station again & buys carnations for dad

  • We had some Hotel Chocolat for Christmas it was amazing, so can def recommend that, thanks for the link for Orchard Cards, we have a special occasion coming up so might order one from them 🙂

    As for Virgin Galactic I have a “friend” who works for them, can you imagine going to work every day on that piece of ground breaking history !! Love it :)) xx

    Hand hints T xx