Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas dear reader. Just a quick one to say how much I love you for reading this shabby little corner of the World Wide Web

And how do we know it is Christmas Day?  Is it the tree?  Is the pile of presents?  Is it a roasting turkey?

Nope.  Nothing says “It is Christmas” in the shops better than this:


Easter Eggs

Not even born and Tesco have him killed off on December 24th

Happy Christmas

(photo credit @colinp02)

Welcome to MummyBarrow. I am a slightly bonkers mum of three, wife to one. Never really sitting still as there is always so much to do! This is my bit of the web to get things out of my head and where I hope to make you laugh or think. I don't really talk about my children too much as they can Google themselves but I do talk about family life. And juggling. Oh and food and drink. I talk about those a lot. So do pull up a chair, grab a biscuit and have a rummage.

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  1. Maureen MacLaren at 10:17 am

    Whatever next,hot cross buns instead of mince pies, not in my house.

    Happy Christmas to you All.

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