How to do a Maltese wedding

The last time I was invited to an overseas wedding I ended up in A&E.


Rushing to breakfast the morning after a wedding in Greece, I misjudged a step midway down a concrete staircase and ended up supine with my knickers on show and then unable to stand on my ankle thanks to a really nasty sprain.  I managed to hobble through the next 24 hours (complete with hydraulic lift to get on the plane home) but went straight to A&E after landing at Gatwick.

So when another invite landed on my desk from one of Mr B’s colleagues inviting us to their wedding in Malta I was determined to do things differently, and save the Maltese from having to see my pants.   The Maltese Cross  should only ever relate to the eight pointed 15th century cross, and not to what I make people when I throw myself down stairs in the pursuit of a cuppa.

Mr B was in charge of picking the hotel, and made sure it was within walking distance of other restaurants and attractions (and the sea) but without a stair case in sight.  It was all down hill to the sea front in Sliema in Malta, but a gentle stroll back up the hill on the return, or 8 Euros in a taxi.

He also made sure the hotel was in one building and had a lift.  Not like in Greece where there were bungalows on a hill, with the restaurant at the bottom of two flights of steps which weren’t lit at night.   Nope, not this time.  All in one building with a lift.    And tea and coffee making facilities in our room so I could have a cup of tea first thing before breakfast and not be in such a rush.   In fact we stopped off at a Lidl on the island bought more tea bags and a carton of milk to keep in the mini bar so that we could have all the tea we wanted (why do hotels think two teabags are ever enough?)

I also made sure that this time I wore more appropriate clothing out in public.  Ahem.

Last time I was wearing a short sun dress as it was the coolest thing I had (and I don’t mean cool as in “hey that’s cool, man”) but it was far too short for me really and once I was lying down it was totally inappropriate.  In fact before Mr B ran off in search of help and ice he helpfully tugged at the hem to try and protect my modesty.

He failed.

Which meant that I was taking no such chances with this trip.

It was maxi-dresses all the way.  Which is handy as JD Williams asked me to take a look at their collection of dresses just before I went.   I fell in love with this cut away shoulder dress as it was just the right mix of length to be respectable but still floaty enough to cope with 30+ degree heat.   Having cut away panels on the shoulders meant it didn’t feel like it was a heavy, full length dress.     I also love how versatile it can be, either dressed up with heels and a big necklace, or worn as a day dress with Converse.

And nobody can see my pants



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