I think I am going to be a life coach

I think.  I haven’t decided yet but I am seriously considering it.  I will be honest and say I wasn’t thinking about any such thing until recently because, well because I already have a job!  And a blog.  And a family.  And I spend so much time whinging about not having enough time to do any of those things and being tired all the time that taking on something else right now is a bit insane but, well you know me.   Rarely one to say no to something when offered it and when it sounds interesting

I was asked by NCC Home Learning if I wanted to do an online course in exchange for a review and some of the ones they suggested were perfect, and just what I needed if I am honest.  Needed but didn’t really “want” if you know what I mean?  Courses on business development, accountancy, creative writing are all things I should really do, but they didn’t really grab me.   Committing to do something for 200 hours is a big ask and even bigger when asked to do it as a review because there is no point saying yes just for the sake of it and then fudging the review.  It has to be honest, and therefore I really need to do it.

And the offer arrived at a time when I was really interested in doing something just for me.  That sounds selfish I know and I dont mean it to be but alot of the things I get asked to review are things that the family will love or are things that ultimately I can pass on or share with others.  This though is for me.

Though if I had wanted to do something a little less “selfish” the choices were vast:   here’s an idea of the sorts of things on offer:


To be honest, I could have chosen quite a few of them.  I love the idea of the criminal profiling or forensic science courses.  I watched far too much Quincy as a child and really wanted to be a forensic scientist (or a racing driver).    But at that age I also loved helping people, and one of my  nicknames was “Granny”.   Not only because I wore glasses but because people came to me with their problems.   Even at the age of 13 I was dishing out advice on how to ask a boy out on a date or what to do when somebody had to tell their parents they’d lost their new trainers.    I am still one of the first to dish out advice when asked (and more often than not when not asked if I am honest) because I like to think I can help.  I want to help.  I am not very good at taking advice or asking for help, but I do love dolling it out.

Which is why I was drawn to the Life Coaching course that NCC run.

This course is designed to equip you with the skills required to help change yourself and other people’s lives. The knowledge contained, provides a step by step coaching guide which will teach you how to love yourself, respect others and explore every opportunity to make the most out of life. You will then learn how to apply these steps to help transform the lives of others and create a successful life coaching career.

That all sounds pretty awesome to me.    I love the idea of exploring all of that, not just on a personal level so I learn more about myself but also then being able to put those skills into practice and help other people.  Who knows it might even the start of a new career (don’t hold your breath, but if it does happen you heard it here first!)

My course is all online so there are no classes to attend, no deadlines imposed on having to hand in assessments or get home work done, you simply log on and work your way through the modules at your own pace and in your own time.   There are eight modules in all and then an exam.   Pass the exam and there is a certificate to download from NCFE.   Who doesn’t love a certificate?!

You simply sign up on line and then log in to your own dashboard that shows your course and the modules etc, it is all super clear and simple.  Then you work your way through them.  I have found it easiest to print out the module to read through and to work my way through the exercises.   So far I have been asked to envisage my “perfect home” or “where will you be in ten years” and to write it down in minute details.   To then note what is holding me back from that, really to analyse the whys and what it is that stops all chasing our own dreams.  It really fascinating.  Hard if I am honest, to be so introspective but really thought provoking at the same time.    With the module done you then go on and do the assessment to ensure you have learned everything covered before moving on to the next one.    There is even access to a tutor if you need some one to one support.

So watch this space, I will keep you posted on how I get on.  And if you fancy being a guinea pig my first client, let me know!


PS two friends are doing the creative writing course so if you fancy seeing how they get on head over to their blogs:  Emma from A Bavarian Sojourn and Mari from Mari’s World

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