Lisa Faulkner — The Way I Cook — A review

Lisa Faulkner — The Way I Cook — A review

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I am a huge fan of Lisa Faulkner’s.  Not just for her voiceovers on Heir Hunters (which is often the sound track to my morning) and because I have never quite forgiven the BBC for murdering her in Spooks, but because she is an amazing cook.     Rightly so she won Masterchef and remains one of my favourite winners of all time.   The shock on her face each week as she made it to the next round just made me want to launch myself into my telly and give her a hug.

I was thrilled when Lisa brought out a recipe book last year entitled “Recipes from my mother for my daughter”, giving us exactly that.   Recipes left by Lisa’s mum before she sadly died, that are now being passed on to Lisa’s daughter B as they cook together at home.   I reviewed the book last year (See here) when it came out and “chicken and cornflakes and Lisa Faulkner” becomes one of my highest Google search terms.   I do hope those people are actually looking for the recipe, and not giving me some kind of an agenda for a night in.

Lisa’s second book is now out and I have had it on pre-order with Amazon since I heard it was going to be published.  It finally arrived on publication day yesterday and I was going to wait until next week to tell you all about it, what with Friday being Ranty Friday day, but I can’t wait.

What can I say?

More fantastic recipes.  All incredibly simple to cook, beautifully photographed and dotted thoughout the book are anecdotes and stories that just make me want to be a part of Lisa’s life.

Broken up into chapters such as “on rainy days” or “when I have no time” it could, quite simply be the only book you need for every and any scenario that means you have to cook something.

This truly is a fabulous book.  If there is anybody in your life who ever has to rustle up a meal, get them this book for Christmas

Out now priced £20.

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  1. Michelle | The American Resident at 11:10 am

    Well I can’t wait to see it! And you’ve opened it to one of my favourite foods so yes, I think I could buy it for that one recipe alone ;) I met Lisa once when a friend of mine was playing an anaesthetist on Holby City and I was shadowing her for an article. We three had lunch in the canteen and Lisa was lovely, down to earth and very, very pretty. I love that she has so many talents. Looking forward to getting a copy of this. I shall turn to ‘on rainy days first’–I love the sound of that!

  2. jennypaulin at 9:15 pm

    i really enjoyed seeing her on Masterchef too and thought she was lovely. i will keep an eye out for this because i like her cookery book concept x

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