London Coffee Festival 2016

London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival at the Truman Brewery is fast becoming one of my favourite events of the year.  It is a four day festival of all things coffee.  And increasingly tea.     Two days are designated “trade” days so it is only open to people in industry or the press, and the other two days (over the weekend), the doors are thrown open to the general public

Which is a good job as the one thing you will know if you have been is that it gets very hot.  Not only because there are SO many people (oh so many people) but also because every other machine there is producing hot drinks and steam.  Well, dur, it is a coffee festival.

So make sure you go with easily removable layers, comfy shoes, and sharp elbows.

When you arrive make sure you grab a map and acclimatize yourself with where you are are, and where you will meet friends if you get separated.  Plus find any of the “must see” suppliers or companies that you want to make a beeline for.  I would suggest you see them first because as the day wears on it gets busier and busier and if you want to get up close and personal with any of the merchandise, or talk to any of the suppliers, you need to do that first.

As I did when I went to this year’s festival.  We went along to see some old friends that we have met over the years, and also to find out about some new innovations.   When I first went a few years ago I didn’t drink coffee so it was all a bit “where’s the tea” for me.   But now on my third visit I can appreciate all things coffee a lot more.  As could Mrs Cooke, the friend I went along with (Mrs Cooke is a teacher and whilst I could call her Jo, where is the fun in that? For the year before our wedding, and for about two years after it she was always referred to as Matron.  But I digress) this year.

Over 30,000 people attended, there to see over 200 different companies.   From small independent coffee bean roasters to manufacturers of appliances on an epic scale.   All alongside DJs, music, fashion and barista competitions.

One of the new companies I wanted to see is Bonavita.  Their tag line is “Life’s complicated, brewing coffee shouldn’t be” and I have to agree.  My love of coffee has only really developed over the past few years, from having a “proper coffee machine”.   Seems my dislike of coffee was more about cheap instant coffee rather than coffee itself.

Bonavita brewers are designed to maintain just the right water temperature for coffee and then evenly distribute that water over all the coffee grounds, so all of the flavour is extracted, perfectly every time.     They have also thought about the design of the carafe too to ensure that coffee is kept hot for longer.

Plus they just look good sitting in the kitchen, or even the office for the real coffee addict!


You can find out all about them here:  BonavitaWorld

 Or why not come along to the London Coffee Festival and see for yourself next year

See you there?

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