Lucky Voice — A review

“Do you want to do a review of karaoke equipment?”



“Because I am not making an arse of myself in public”

“Ah but this is a home system, so it’s perfect”

“I don’t have the space for more stuff in my lounge”

“Ah that isn’t a problem, this is just a very small box that you connect to your ipod speakers and laptop”

“I don’t want to have a load of CDs with a bunch of lame old country and western songs on them as the only things I can choose from.  I might have Dolly Parton’s boobs but I don’t want to sing like her”

“They are all stored online, all you need is your laptop, your broadband, some speakers, and the small Lucky Voice kit.  You simply subscribe online and it gives you access to THOUSANDS of songs.  You don’t have to be Dolly”

“I can’t sing”

“Excellent, then Lucky Voice is just for you”

“No it isn’t”

“You are acting like a child”


And so it came to pass that we received a Lucky Voice Party box.   All we would need for a night of entertainment clearing our postcode.  I have to admit I sat and stared at the box for a couple of weeks before daring to connect it to anything, so bad is my singing.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE singing.  Nothing puts me in a better mood than a bit of something loud on the school run and I know all the words to lots of songs.   But that singing out loud is rightly confined to my car or the shower.  Mostly the car, however.

So it was with some trepidation that we set about reviewing this piece of kit.  It was easy enough to set up (I just handed it all to a teenager and said “sort that out for me”) and within minutes we were off and running, had set up our account and were then debating which song to sing.

First up for me had to be New England by Kirsty Maccoll as it contains my favourite of all time:


It counted down in the background so I knew when to come in and I was off.  Murdering one of pops greatest ever songs.  I got a bit carried away and the teens all left the room as I started going “ooh ooh ooh see if …. ” was in the library.    It was during Cool for Cats that they told me enough was enough and to be quiet a minute.

Long enough to channel her inner Katy Perry with Roar:


All in all we thought it was brilliant.   It does what it says on the box and if you want to have some fun with a group of mates this just the thing.    After all, who doesn’t like a good old sing song?  Every song I put in was listed so there is quite literally something for everyone.  Everyone.

There are 11 of us going away for Christmas and this is DEFINITELY coming with us.  Look out Cornwall!

Now.  There is video footage of me doing a couple of these songs but I am not brave enough to share.  I might see how many comments I get and then I might share it with you.

What do you think?

Or do you want me to murder a particular track for you?

Available from retailers from around £50 for the box of bits and a microphone.  Extra microphones are available too so you can channel your Sonny and Cher for an extra £20.   Subscriptions to the online music library start from £4.99 a month

I was given the kit and a subscription for the purposes of this review

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