If money were no object….


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Have you ever played that game?   If money were no object, where would you live?  If money were no object, where is the first place you would go on holiday?

Stuck in traffic on the A34 last week Mr B and I started playing the game because we were stationary for almost an hour and had exhausted the emergency snacks.   So we pretended that we had won big with Lottoland which we have started playing because you can play on lotteries around the world like the US Powerball, or Spain’s El Gordo that has a jackpot of two billion Euro.  Two billion, imagine winning that!!!

With Lottoland we aren’t playing in the official lotteries but are “lotto betting” on matching the official draw numbers.  The prizes are matched so you win the same amount, and it’s all done on line so you don’t even need to go to the shop to buy a ticket.  It’s super simple and a bit more fun than the more famous lottery.

So there we were on the A34 spending our imaginary millions and discussing where we would go on holiday next if money were no object.   I think we would probably have to go the US first if it was a $307 million win on the US Powerball, it would seem rude not to.    Or rather than just visiting we could actually buy a chunk of it.  A quick Google showed me that for a cool $62 million we could snap up Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas.  460 acres of our own private Caribbean paradise.  Oh yes I think that would suit us nicely.

Not sure I could live there all year round though so I would need something closer to home, a “If money were no object where would you buy in London” question.    Belgravia is where the most expensive home currently for sale is (£75 million if you are curious) in London but I am not sure I want to live in what is, effectively, a terrace.   Not when there is a detached seven bed house for sale in Westminster for £36 million.   Perfect for our favourite London restaurants.

Though actually, now we are talking about what to do with our billions we would probably have our own team of staff, including a chef.   I have always said that I would love having somebody else doing all the cooking for me.  The idea that I don’t have to ever worry about what to do for dinner again is too fabulous.   Or indeed clear up afterwards.

Oh and a butler.   With billions in the bank answering the door would be too tedious for words, wouldn’t it?    I am not sure I really know what a Butler does apart from opening the front door but I have visions of Hobson in Arthur (surely one of the greatest films ever made) and I quite like the idea of having our own Hobson.

Houses purchased and staff employed, we then turned our ideas to toys.  Cars obviously (his and hers Astons), maybe a jet too since we live so close to Farnborough airport and it would mean we could avoid these annoying traffic jams, and maybe a yacht in the Med that we could use to host a glamorous party in Monaco for the Grand Prix.

I was on a roll by this point and rattling off the lists of clothes, handbags (Birkins in every colour), shoes and jewellery I would buy.

It’s frightening really how easy it is to spend so much money in the space of twenty minutes!  I think in the time it took us to crawl a mile and a half on Friday night I had spent over £150 million!

Now I just need those numbers to come up so I can get cracking

This is a collaborative post. 

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