My new Karcher cleaners

My new Karcher cleaners

This might possibly be one of the best items I have ever been sent to review.   And who would think that I would ever say that about an item designed for cleaning?

Cleaning is always way down my priority list, I have little time for it so any time spent doing it needs to be used wisely.  Hence an over flowing cleaning box.  You name it, we have a specific liquid for cleaning it.  Despite the fact, I am sure, that the “All in One Kitchen Cleaner” has the same ingredients as the “All in One Bathroom Cleaner”.     If I think it can help me clean an entire room in the four minutes I have allocated that week, then I will buy it.

Until last month when I relented and got a cleaning lady.  And I am now in that “need to clean because the cleaning lady is coming” mode.  Plus I don’t want the teens thinking “I can leave that, the cleaning lady will do it”.   So bizarrely, now we have a cleaning lady coming once a week I am doing more cleaning than ever.

So all I can say is “Thank goodness for Karcher”.   This little machine might have just saved my life.

I love it.   It does exactly what you expect it to.   You simply assemble it (took about three minutes, couldn’t be any more straightforward), fill the tank with water and plug it in.   Then wait for the green light stop flashing and off you go.

It does everything:  floors, walls, doors, hard to reach places, a whole kitchen floor, work surfaces.   In minutes and with no effort.  And more importantly, no chemicals.

You hear that?!  No more chemicals.  No more spending hundreds of Pounds on bottles of gloop for every conceivable item that needs cleaning.  This one machine can do it all.  Effortlessly, cheaply and brilliantly.

The lovely people at Karcher must have also sensed that our windows never get cleaned.  Ever.   Sunny days are fabulous but not when it means you can see just how revolting the windows are.  They even thought to send me one of their special windows cleaners too.   Plug that in, wash your windows with soapy water and then use the clever machine with it’s squeegy to get all the water off and leave windows streak free and sparkling, in seconds.

It managed to make window cleaning fun.   Fun.  You hear that?  Whoever thought that cleaning windows would be fun!

All in all I am thrilled that I was invited to test these two products.  They may be pricey but they are brilliant, and will have paid for themselves in a matter of months.

For more info the two machines are here:  Karcher 2.500 and Karcher window vac


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