Neos Smarter Home Insurance

What if I told you there was a way to secure your home, and that it offers you comprehensive cover on your home insurance?  And that you could control it all from your phone.   Sounds far fetched, right?


The clever people at Neos have come up with a system that in their words:

… combines smart technology and 24/7 assistance with comprehensive home insurance.

No matter where you are in the world, you’re connected to home, giving you the confidence and comfort that Neos is looking after the place that matters most.

Now you can feel at home, even when you’re not.

For somebody like me who is often away from home this is a godsend.   It means that when I am out for the day I can check that all is well at home and if the dog jumping around triggers the camera I can see why.

The system works with a series of cameras and sensors that you can place in and around your home; on exit doors, windows etc.   You can vary the number you have according to your needs (or level of the insurance policy you have opted to take out), so you can have them on every external door or just the front door.  Or maybe all the downstairs windows.     If the sensor is triggered, you get an alert on your phone immediately, and you can then access the cameras and see what is happening.   If for any reason your phone is out of battery Neos also offer their own monitoring service (depending on the level of insurance taken out).

You can also check in from time to time whilst out and about and get a real time view of any of the rooms that have the camera in.    With one swipe of the button you can arm all alarms and sensors when the last person leaves the house too, confident that whilst you are all out your home is secure.

Having a monitoring system also means you can keep an eye on pets, or a vulnerable person, checking they are safe for instance.   My mother in law would find this really useful with my father in law being housebound, when she was out.

We have had one of the cameras pointed at our drive as we want to also be able to monitor our camper van (there have been a spate of thefts) and to be able to see if anybody tried to steal it when we were out or at night.   Thankfully there haven’t been any attempts but it has been very useful when courier companies have sworn a parcel has been delivered when we can then prove it hasn’t because we can see there is nothing on our doorstep!   Or we can see that something we were expecting has been delivered!

The Neos home insurance policy offers three levels of service: Best, Better and Good.    Best is, as the name suggests, their best policy.  It comes with 11 security devices that also include a smoke detector and a leak detector.  It comes with unlimited buildings and contents cover and a £50,000 valuables limit.

The Better cover comes with 8 devices (cameras and sensors) and offers up to £1M of buildings cover and £100,000 of contents cover.

The Best policy comes with an HD camera and up to £750,000 buildings cover and £75,000 of contents.

The Best and Better cover also comes with the home emergency cover as standard

(obviously with all things there are Ts and Cs and exclusions so you would need to check the small print).


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