Peaches and Cosmo

The news of Peaches Geldof’s tragic death at the age of 25 broke yesterday afternoon as I had a wee.  Checking my Twitter feed as I had the wee I had been too busy to have for the preceding three hours, I sat in stunned silence for twenty minutes.   As I read tweet after tweet from people shocked at this dreadful news.

Yes there were the ones from celebs who knew her but more than that there were tweets, such as mine that simply said “no no no no no, this cannot be true”.   Or simply “RIP Peaches”.   Or that referred to her beautiful little boys, barely one and two who would now grow up without a mummy.

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London Coffee Festival

Yesterday was one of those days that are becoming a regular occurrence at Barrow Towers.

We have a plan for the day, in this case the Boat Race.   Then I see something on Twitter and mention it in a nonchalant kinda way to Mr B who looks at me and says “are we doing that then?”.   I take that as being enthusiastic as it is not a categoric “you have to be kidding” and book it.

Since the Boat Race wasn’t until 6pm that gave us lots of time to do something else, despite that fact we had a million things we should have been doing at home.   Life is for living, right?

Quick text to friends who I think will also enjoy the two events, and that’s it.   Day planned.

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Silent Sunday — April 6th

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I read an article this week about the number of people who regret having tattoos.  Something like one in six wish they had never had theirs done.   One in three wishes they had done it somewhere on their body less visible.   And it reminded me of an article in the Guardian I had read years ago about a mother who had a meltdown when her son had hers.

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Ranty Friday — Table Manners

This has been getting on my wick for months.

And this week it made me actually rage out loud.  Pause the TV and take a photograph.

Two photos in fact.

What in particular with regards to table manners am I talking about on Ranty Friday this week?   Well that picture above, that’s what.  Two different settings on Corrie this week, both those photos taken within five minutes of each other.

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photo 5

Thorpe Park 2014

It’s been the Easter Holidays for one half of my teens at home this week.   One finished on Friday, the other finishes on Saturday.   This half on / half off thing is always a pain for me but more on that next week.   For youngest teen who is off it is great.  She gets to laud it over her brother that her alarm is not set in the morning and she has no homework for a month.

Yes a month.

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The Gallery — #WIDN

I love this game on Instagram.   If you don’t know it, you get tagged by somebody who uploads a picture of “What I’m Doing Now”.   You then photograph that, upload it, and then tag three other people and use the same #WIDN tag.   I smiled when I saw that it was the theme for The Gallery this week too!

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Family Day Out — Ascot

Family days out are as rare as hen’s teeth these days.   One of us always has something on that means we can’t all do something together.   And then when we do have time together, what the hell do we do that won’t mean somebody is bored within two seconds?

Horse racing.  That’s what.

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Silent Sunday — March 30th

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