One of the things I have learnt whilst being knee deep in #TeamHonkRelay is logistics.   Trying to sort things out.  Trouble shoot issues that have arisen, and try and be one step ahead most of the time.

How to get to John O Groats when Annie needs to leave her car in Southampton?

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#TeamHonkRelay, Sport Relief, Twitter and Me (and You).

With all due apology to the lovely, brilliant Emma Kennedy (clang) for bastardising her book title (if you’ve not read “The tent, the bucket and me”  buy it immediately) I thought this was a good time to reflect on the force of nature that is Team Honk.

Regular readers can skip the next paragraph.

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Silent Sunday — March 16th

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Ranty Friday — Flying

There is one particular part of flying that really gets on my wick.    Don’t get me wrong, I love flying.    I love almost every aspect of it. Delays don’t particularly annoy me.    Having to sit around for two hours ahead of check in are fine.    Queues are all part of the process and don’t upset me.    But one thing really does.  And it is a really really silly thing.   I admit that.   But last week, having done four flights I was having to bite my fist.

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Keep Your Friends Close — A review

Two things happened yesterday.   The sun came out and I read a book.     The second of those points is not unusual.  I often read a book but what I don’t do very often do is read a book in one sitting.    The last few weeks have been more bonkers than I can begin to explain.   Preparing for Africa,  supporting the relay, working, trying to keep this blog going, looking after the house, being a mum, it has all been a bit crazy.    And time for me to switch off has been zilch.

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Maggie Hughes

Last week I blogged about two inspiring women who are working hard to support their families and communities, in Africa.    Now I am going to tell you about another inspiring woman who lives a bit closer to home.   Her name is Maggie Hughes and she is one of the Tesco Mum of the Year winners for 2014.

I am thrilled to be a blogger ambassador for these awards this year and as such have been reading all about some incredible women.   Maggie’s story though really struck a chord with me.   Why?  Because Maggie has managed to fight and get the law changed so we give more support to families who have seen a loved one become of victim of crime abroad.

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We have had floods of biblical proportions here recently, haven’t we?  In fact very few people have escaped at least some degree of disruption from them.

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Silent Sunday — March 9th

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Our visit to Tanzania was timed to coincide with International Women’s Day this year.   A real chance to show that there are women who are inspiring, despite living in some of the world’s poorest communities.   It has been a real honour to meet them this week and has once again reignited my desire to keep on shouting really loudly about how incredible African women are.

It has also reinforced my belief that women the world over are all identical.   Some may have more material things than others.  Some may have a nicer house or a more extensive wardrobe.  But at the heart of us all is a desire to provide for our families.   To support them financially and emotionally and to do the best by our children.

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