Ranty Friday — I AM NOT A POTATO

Got that?






Nor am I a butternut squash

On a regular basis I get messages like this:


I am a duck

I have a big red bill

A bill in the middle of my face.   A big red bill.

Got that?  A duck.  I am a duck with a pinata mask

Ranty Friday today is setting the record straight.  Once and for all.



  1. Foz

    Oops! For a while I must admit I thought it was a potato until I looked closely. *hangs head in shame*

  2. Chelseamamma

    Do I admit it – I may have thought you were a potato, dressed up like a duck with a funky mask on!! #oops

  3. Noooo ladies, don’t do it, say you always knew she was a duck, that you don’t know what she’s talking about, about a potato! You don’t want to see the potato rage. I promise!!!

    Fab post T xxx

  4. Ohhhh piñata mask!! I knew it was a duck but thought it had those 70s retro sunglasses.

  5. Peacockpompoms

    I couldn’t see properly on my tiny iphone screen all those years ago we started following on Twitter, so I looked at it on my computer. It was quite obviously a duck with a pinata. I have never seen a potato with and eye mask or a red nose, not even on Red Nose Day. Great post.

  6. Jane Willis

    For months I thought you were an onion.

  7. Tee hee you tell ‘em!!!

  8. Oop, at a cursory glacé I too thought you were a dressed up potato *ducks in shame* *and then ducks again for using such an atrocious pun this early in the morning*

  9. I can pat myself on the back and say I KNEW it was a duck!

  10. I was in the butternut squash camp for a while. Quackers, I know….

  11. I knew you were a duck, it was the mask that threw me, very mysterious!

  12. I was also in the butternut squash camp too! But when I looked more closely I could see you are a duck!

  13. I knew you were a duck!! Honest!!! Truely!!! After I had a look at you closely!!

  14. Claire

    Damn! I thought you were a banana!!!

    No, I knew you were a Rubber Duckie really. You’re lucky I didn’t steal you at Brit Mums as Izzy needs some new Rubber Ducks for the bath and I couldn’t stretch to the Harrods ones I saw on Sunday! ;-) xxx

  15. Heh heh heh you need a side on shot that’ll show em! *runs off to find a butternut squash and a pinata mask*

  16. I knew she was a duck! Silly people!

  17. Hopalong

    Better watch out.

    “Sorry I haven’t a clue!” resumes on Radio 4 and contains an answer to a question ;

    “How do you stop large bills coming through your letter-box?”

    Mrs T R Ellis [North Wales] says: “Shoot the ducks”.

  18. What about a 3 d version?

  19. worked out it was a duck fairly early on, but always thought it was a sleep mask circa 1970! haha x

  20. May I ask WHY you are a duck without getting shouted at? ;)

  21. Mrs Teepot

    Totally never thought you were a potato….*cough*

  22. I was in butternut squash camp too (hides from angry duck) hee hee but now so tempted to create a butternut squash copy of you :-)

  23. The beak is well hidden under the mask. I know I tweeted you at Xmas when I saw a butternut squash in my MIL’s kitchen. It was like staring you in the face!

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