Ranty Friday — I AM NOT A POTATO

Ranty Friday — I AM NOT A POTATO

Got that?






Nor am I a butternut squash

On a regular basis I get messages like this:


I am a duck

I have a big red bill

A bill in the middle of my face.   A big red bill.

Got that?  A duck.  I am a duck with a pinata mask

Ranty Friday today is setting the record straight.  Once and for all.


Welcome to MummyBarrow. I am a slightly bonkers mum of three, wife to one. Never really sitting still as there is always so much to do! This is my bit of the web to get things out of my head and where I hope to make you laugh or think. I don't really talk about my children too much as they can Google themselves but I do talk about family life. And juggling. Oh and food and drink. I talk about those a lot. So do pull up a chair, grab a biscuit and have a rummage.

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  1. Chelseamamma at 6:26 am

    Do I admit it – I may have thought you were a potato, dressed up like a duck with a funky mask on!! #oops

  2. Lady Briggs at 6:28 am

    Noooo ladies, don’t do it, say you always knew she was a duck, that you don’t know what she’s talking about, about a potato! You don’t want to see the potato rage. I promise!!!

    Fab post T xxx

  3. Peacockpompoms at 7:01 am

    I couldn’t see properly on my tiny iphone screen all those years ago we started following on Twitter, so I looked at it on my computer. It was quite obviously a duck with a pinata. I have never seen a potato with and eye mask or a red nose, not even on Red Nose Day. Great post.

  4. Carie at 7:30 am

    Oop, at a cursory glacé I too thought you were a dressed up potato *ducks in shame* *and then ducks again for using such an atrocious pun this early in the morning*

  5. Claire at 9:50 am

    Damn! I thought you were a banana!!!

    No, I knew you were a Rubber Duckie really. You’re lucky I didn’t steal you at Brit Mums as Izzy needs some new Rubber Ducks for the bath and I couldn’t stretch to the Harrods ones I saw on Sunday! ;-) xxx

  6. Hopalong at 4:15 pm

    Better watch out.

    “Sorry I haven’t a clue!” resumes on Radio 4 and contains an answer to a question ;

    “How do you stop large bills coming through your letter-box?”

    Mrs T R Ellis [North Wales] says: “Shoot the ducks”.

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