Ranty Friday — Room 101

This is a bit of a combined post for Ranty Friday this week.  I was asked by Helen Neale over at Stickers, Stars and Smiles if I would like to write down my three things that would go into Room 101 and I thought those things would make me so ranty that the post could double up.  I am trying to limit my ranting you see, so didnt want to have too many in one week.

You know about Room 101, right?  The place where things you cannot abide, all get banished.

So with that in mind, shall we just get on with it?

First up:

Inconsiderate drivers.

I don’t mean people that drive in the middle lane of motorways.  Or people that steal the parking space you had your eye on.  No.  I am talking about people that do this:


Parking on the sodding pavement.   Every single time I see this I shout “HOW WILL SOMEBODY WITH A BUGGY GET DOWN HERE?”.   Now I grant you that there are not going to be a huge number of buggies at 10.30pm when this was taken but that is not the point.  I see this ALL the time and it drives me demented.   There is no need for it and I am pretty sure it is illegal too.

If you do it.  Stop it.


Yep.  Now this next one is controversial I know.   But why would you want a greenhouse attached to your house?  They are like ovens in the summer so you can’t sit in them and in the winter they are so damn cold you won’t sit in them either.

You  have to spend a fortune on blinds to keep the sun out and so what is the point?

Why don’t you just build an extension?

Tomato Houses

Seriously people, we are not designed to live under glass.  Glass is for tomatoes.  Not people.

Thirdly and by no means least


Yes pigeons.  What is the point of a pigeon?  They don’t look nice.  They don’t sing beautifully.  They get everywhere and they are basically vermin.  I hate the miserable little sods.   They keep bouncing round our garden and POOING on the patio.  The table.  The bedroom window when they hang their arses off the roof.

They are pointless.  Pointless miserable horrid bossy birds.


So there you have it, my Ranty Friday meets Room 101.   What would you put in?  Leave me a comment below

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  • I totally agree with you on all 3. Jasper Mad Cat 2 is a pigeon catching specialist. He’s on his 3rd so far this past two weeks. I cheer him on, I hate them!

  • Parking on the pavement drives me nuts – that and bins left in the middle of the pavement too.
    I have a buggy – hey I have a side by side double buggy and often get forced into the road. I did complain rather loudly one day and a very sheepish workman came out to move his van!
    As for conservatories – my mum has one and it’s actually not an oven or an ice box – no idea what they’ve done differently!

  • I was actually in the middle of writing a rant when I decided to take a break and read some blogs. (Ranting about noisy building construction projects that have plagued me all my life.)

    I like your rant about conservatories. Especially that bit about glass being for tomatoes, not people. It’s brilliant and i think true!

  • Love them all – well hate them all strictly, thanks for joining in. Pigeons – should have thought of them myself…hate the sods…shame my cats are so poor at hunting…they only got one, once… 😉 As for conservatories, we had an extension because we don’t want to cook, so we are so with you on that one. Inconsiderate drivers…well I put them in my three too, so clearly agree with that one. Didn’t mention the parking on pavemnt thing, but should have done.

  • Our cat obviously agrees with you on the pigeon thing, cos she left us a dead one on the doorstep the other day (at least I hope it was the cat – or the neighbours around here REALLY don’t like me!)
    Thanks for giving me someplace to link up my latest rant. Not often I get sweary, but I’ve had enough of fucking reality TV stars criticising mums.

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  • Lol! We used to have a conservatory and we loved it! I can see your point though, but I swear we did use ours a lot!

  • Ooohhh all of them ESPECIALLY the parking. We have people parking at the side of the house (we also live near a footie ground so that’s another annoyance) and they have no idea how close to the house they are parking – there is NO WAY anyone can walk beside the car, never mind get a pushchair down there.

  • I so agree with the conservatories – why add more windows that never get cleaned and to capture smeary handprints and snotty nose marks – ha. Just linked up on the rant fest for first time * waves hello*