Sat Cap — May 31st

Sat Cap — May 31st

Yikes, it appears to be my turn to host the legendary Sat Cap (or Saturday is Caption Day) Linky.   Hasn’t the last month gone quickly? Have you been busy?    It’s been a bit bonkers here, as you may have noticed!

So anyway, here’s the deal.  I give you a picture.  You write a caption and then show me your picture, and then we all link up.   Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

Welcome to MummyBarrow. I am a slightly bonkers mum of three, wife to one. Never really sitting still as there is always so much to do! This is my bit of the web to get things out of my head and where I hope to make you laugh or think. I don't really talk about my children too much as they can Google themselves but I do talk about family life. And juggling. Oh and food and drink. I talk about those a lot. So do pull up a chair, grab a biscuit and have a rummage.

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