Silent Sunday — 12th May


  1. That photo fills me with that “eeeehhhh” feeling of anticipation and excitement!

  2. Luci -

    FA Cup Final?

    • MummyBarrow

      certainly was. Sadly with a City fan, though so it was not the result they were after

  3. i am no footie fan but i can appreciate what an exciting day you must have had x

  4. Should I be ashamed, that I know that’s an imposing sports stadium, but I am not sure which one! x

  5. Stadium looks huge in this photo!

  6. Fab pic, I bet the atmosphere was amazing!

  7. Sorry I know nothing about football, but….go the lads! (if that’s the right thing to say!)

  8. Fab pic!! Very exciting!!

  9. I’ve always wanted to go here, but not for football.

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