Silent Sunday — July 13th


  1. Hopalong says


    A nice puzzle, Watson.
    My first impression is that it is a modern mini-hotel in France set in grounds disguised as an English car-park and that either Ellie or you have somehow taken up residence and left your footwear out for cleaning -very optimistic in France!
    On review the boots are two sizes too big for Ellie so we must consider how YOU got into the hotel!
    Final conclusion, the boots belong to Mr B and he is in the hotel.

    I give up!
    Bonsoir, mes enfants.

    • says

      haha… I like your thinking Holmes. Sadly none of the above. Just underneath the ticket machine of the Pay and Display in Fleet when Jonnie and I went in this week. I said “Ooh how odd, that would make a good Silent Sunday” and so there you have it. I have no idea how they ended up there but I quite like it ! They were gone by the next day. Not surprisingly

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