Silent Sunday — June 23rd


  1. Niki McGlynn

    Congratulations x x x

  2. Niki McGlynn

    Although I think you should have put a glass of champers and a penis straw in the photo; -)

  3. So so well deserved. Well done, my lovely x

    • MummyBarrow

      Well done you on being so fabulous this weekend. Like I expected anything else! Loved meeting up, just sorry we didnt have more time to just chat.

  4. Mrs Teepot

    Congratulation! Very well deserved!

  5. wow – congratulations!

  6. Congratulations once again, you must be very proud after all that hard work x

    • MummyBarrow

      Thank you, gorgeous lady. Yes, I am incredibly proud. Especially of the Team Honk award. It’s very special.

  7. Hopalong

    Very well done – well merited!
    Lady B and Hopalong.

  8. Well done!! Great weekend, wasn’t it?!

  9. Many congratulations! Richly deserved x

  10. Fi

    Very well done x

  11. Congratulations on the awards! Looking forward to Blog On :)

  12. Congratulations! xxx

  13. Very well deserved! Congratulations xx

  14. Beautiful! Congratulations and very well deserved on both counts x

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