Single ingredient ice cream

Yes you read that correctly.

Ice cream made from a single ingredient.   So simple, even I can make it.

I recently exclaimed as I looked at another revolting dinner “I really can’t cook”.    J looked at me and said “yeah, you can mum”.

That’s lovely I thought

Until he then continued:  “just not very well”.


So when I heard two people talking about this earlier this week I just knew I had to try it.

Ladies and gentleman I give you banana ice cream containing nothing but banana.

Oh yes.

So for lactose intolerant / diabetics / rubbish cooks this is the one for you.

Simply slice bananas (there are five on this plate)

and then shove it in the freezer.   Yes.  Shove it.   That is a technical term.

When they are frozen, simply remove them and place in a bowl.

I say “simply” I had to break them off with a blunt knife and pinged some of them across the kitchen but you don’t have to do that too.   

Then you smoosh them in a liquidiser.

Now, I don’t have a liquidiser so I put them in the food processor.

You end up with something resembling breadcrumbs but panic not:

But once you spoon it out it does resemble ice cream.  Sort of:

And I have to say from a texture point of view, it is fabulous!!

Totally creamy but without the cream!

Try it.  Go on.   Prepare to be amazed!



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