Sorting out my home office

My Desk

I am now on my second office at home.   Well it could be said that where I am now is actually my fourth as I have spent time working at the kitchen table and also in the lounge, as well as both of the “front rooms”.     The front of our house is Victorian so has two “front rooms” that over the 10 years we have lived here have not really changed (well apart from the time we had a water main burst under our house and we had to empty them, lift floor boards, get dehumidifiers for six weeks and then re-carpet and re-decorate.  That was a fun couple of months)  from one being the “play room” and the other being an office.

Well with 21, 20 and 17 year olds we don’t really need a play room anymore so we have swapped the rooms over and now the playroom is my office and the old office is … well I am not sure what it is at the moment.   It’s where Mr B resides when my in laws come down as he can’t manage our stairs (at the moment I can barely manage our stairs to be honest) and is now a bit of a dumping ground but eventually we hope to make it into a photography room.   I hesitate to use the word studio as that would imply a level of competence that neither Mr B or I has.

For now though I have a new space to call my office.   I need to work on a desk and I need to be able to walk away from it at the end of the day.   When Mr B works from home he does it in the lounge but I can’t work on my knee and I like to walk into the lounge at 7pm and collapse on the sofa.   I think that’s really important when you work from home, that you can at least try and have separate areas.

Office View

So I now have my own desk, donated by my dad who no longer needed it but loved it as a piece of furniture so wanted to keep it.    We decided against putting it against a wall as it would then mean I can’t look out of the window.   And whilst my view might only  be the hedge and the tops of the bins, well it is at least outside and occasionally there is blue sky to go with it.


The original desk that was in the original office now holds our printers and my in-tray (all the stuff that still needs to be reviewed) and the room feels much more organised.


I have also recently acquired lockers.   Proper old school grey and blue school lockers .   Not really the sort of thing you would find in an office but with a bit of sticky back plastic (having an ex Blue Peter presenter as a best friend does come in handy 🙂 ) it has been transformed.


Now all my camera kit is on the top shelf and all my cables and chargers are on the bottom shelf.   With bunting on the outside so it looks pretty and gives me a place to hang things off little pegs on the inside.

Camera Locker

Along with little pots to put things in on the inside.    I even added green foam to resemble grass (I know, I am mad, but it cushions the cameras when they are put down)

Locker internal

I had so much kit and could never find my spare battery or a portal charger for a day out so now it is all organised and in one place and I dont have to scrabble around trying to find stuff.

Who says school lockers are just for school?   If you need some storage then why not get your own lockers and transform them into a great little space to call your own your own tubs and pots?




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  • Aren’t you the neat one!
    Looks brilliant compared to THE OFFICE at No. 26. Wish I could manage to match your acme of a workplace.
    Didn’t spot your cocktail cabinet though – how was it disguised?

  • Love your lockers! I never had one at school as they phased them out the year before I started, I always felt a bit sad that I missed out. I love your in-tray as well, I could do with one of those instead of having everything in a big pile next to me.