Sworn Secret — A review and giveaway

I have been talking to Amanda Jennings on Twitter for months.  Possibly even a year or more.   Until now our common ground was Henley where Amanda lives.   I had no idea that Amanda had written a novel until I mentioned on Twitter I was launching a book club.

Amanda was almost embarrassed to ask if I might like to read it ahead of publication later this month.

The book was waiting for me when we got back from out holiday and so this week I sat down to read it as a distraction from wall to wall Olympic coverage.

The story starts with the death of Jon and Kate’s eldest daughter, Anna, who falls from the roof of school.   Witnessed by her boyfriend, whilst drunk.

This is the beginning of a sequence of events that almost destroys the family.    It transpires that Anna might not be the sweet and innocent eighteen year old her parents thought her to be.   Not the big sister that Lizzie thinks she had.   A secret is revealed that rips the family apart.

The plot grips you from the outset and you find yourself being pulled in to every twist and turn.   I found myself holding my breath in some places.   Kate retreats from family life and spends more and more time in her home studio painting portraits of Anna, distancing herself from her husband and other daughter.   I just wanted to go and give her a hug.

Reading a book and Tweeting the author is a new experience for me this summer but this is the third time I have done it now and it really adds a dimension to a book that I love.

Not just because of our Twitter connection am I saying this but I loved this book.  I think it is brilliantly written.   Does it make any sense if I say “it’s tight”?   It doesn’t wander off but stays completely on course.   With a cast you can really connect and warm too.

Amanda’s style is superb.   For  a first novel this is an extraordinary book and I cannot wait for her to finish her next.

Amanda has kindly offered me a signed book to give away to one of you lovely people.   It can even be dedicated to you if you wish!

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  • As this book is about family please leave me a comment below, telling me a fact about your family.   A claim to fame maybe?  Or something you all did for the first time this summer. 
  • Winner will be drawn at random on August 16th, day of publication.


Should you wish to buy this book, please consider doing via the icon below, I earn a few pence which I will put towards books for future give aways

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  • Fact about my family: my girls are related to Boy George; their dad is his cousin.
    Something I’ve done for the first time this summer: shampooed my carpets. Been living here for 3 and a half years. Such a slovenly slob 🙂

    • Wondered if these two facts might be connected. If he might be coming round for tea and cake?

  • Fact about my family, and one I have only just learned. My grandfather’s cousin was Lily Braton. She and her husband Oscar Asche starred in the musical Chu Chin Chow, which was written for Asche and for many years was the longest running musical ever recorded.

  • My mother’s cousin was an actress in a Scottish Series ‘Take the High Road’. Yeah, I know. Not the most interesting of facts but you know, it’s the little things.

  • fact about my family: I was the first born daughter and came nearly 2 weeks late to coincide with my mum’s birthday. Miss G is also my first born daughter and was also nearly 2 weeks late, but – luckily for me – she missed ‘our’ birthday by 3 days! I would have hated to share it with mum AND daughter!