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You poor, bitter, deluded woman

Oh dear.  Kelly Rose Bradford, you are setting yourself up for a huge rant from me here, I am afraid.

“I’ll never let my ex’s new girlfriend meet my son”

Where to start with explaining to you how utterly wrong this is?

First of all, he is not your son.  He is also your ex’s son.   And your ex is actually legally allowed to remarry.   And legally allowed to permit access to that new partner.

What you are actually doing in taking this stance is basing your child’s future on your bitter hatred and selfish behaviour.  And that is wrong.  And actually it is cruel.  Why are you so hung up with the past?  Why can you only see the negatives?  Why can you not see any positives?

My children are being raised in a home with a wonderful stepfather, the fabulous Mr B.   And with Mr B come his parents who are just amazing.

Alongside this are my ex and his new wife, her children from her first marriage and the child they have subsequently had together.   All of whom my children adore.

How enriched are my children’s lives?  How incredible is that they now have four sets of grandparents and an amazing extended family.

My children have done things with their dad and stepmum that I would never take them to (concerts, Disney on ice etc) and we have done the same (my inlaw’s cottage in Wales, holidays in Portugal staying at a friend of Bruce’s villa).

What you are doing Ms Bradford is spiteful, hurtful and downright dangerous.

What you are doing is teaching your child that being isolated and hateful is the way to live.   Not that it is possible to love somebody, create a child, separate for whatever reason, and yet still remain friends and allow them to move on.

You are treading a very dangerous path with your behaviour and I hope to goodness you see the error of your ways or in ten years time you could find that your son is pointing anger and resentment towards you.

How will you cope when you son marries?  Will you deny your ex husband’s future wife a place at the wedding?  You run the risk of making your ex choose between his wife and his son.

This is truly one of the saddest newspaper articles I have read in a long time and I hope one of your friend’s sits you down and talks to you, rationally, or suggests that you get help to overcome this theory.