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For Sale — one refurb project with incredible view

I am letting you into a little secret in an effort to raise funds to help me do my refurb project.  If you buy into this project you get visitation rites.

It is a small beach front property on the very southern tip of Barbados, in an area called Surfers Point.   Down where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean and where the waves have white tips and crash gently on to the sand.

It benefits from being just half an hour from the airport.  And twenty minutes from Bridgetown.   And just ten minutes from the popular resort of Oistins.

The development also comes with a block of holiday apartments which are popular with surfers.

The property also has a beach front bar attached to it which is included in the sale price.   The menu is simple, burgers, catch of the day, or hot dogs.   The bar sells beers, rum punch or Coke.  All as cold as you like.

The Beach Bar

This gives you an idea of the view the bar has:

A view to die for.

Now then.  On to the main property itself.   I am going to have to ask you to bear with me here.  You need a bit of an imagination.  Please don’t start posting it on or anything.   You have to trust me when I say that it could be great.

Let’s start with the good points.

Look at that patio!   It needs a bit of weeding but the view down to the sea is spectacular.

Are you ready for the house?

Actually, look at the view the other way first, you can see the sea

Now then, the main house

Excuse me.  I heard that.   It is not a wreck.   It just needs a bit of attention, that is all.   Look at the facilities it does have:

Granted that sink is not attached to anything.   But it is a cracking utility room.

Here is the kitchen:

Look it even has a cooker.  And some local art.

I like to think of this as the lounge

as it already has a sideboard.   It is also very light and airy.  In fact it is views to all sides, including upwards.

I have had my eye on this place for four years.  Seriously.   It is known as MummyBarrow’s Happy Spot and no holiday here is complete without a visit.   And you know when the dentist says “picture somewhere nice” or you are about to do a VAT return and spare yourself a five minute daydream?  Well, this is my daydream.

I love it.   I want to just give it a big cuddle and own it.

All of this could be mine for just $5 million.

So, who is in?