Tesco Mum of the Year Award

Last year I got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about a mum of the year award line up.    So of course I blogged about it:  Natasha Giggs?  Not on my watch.

Then I heard about the Tesco Mum of the Year Award and I immediately thought “now this is more like it”.

With such titles as “Courageous Mum of the Year” / “Charitable Mum of the Year”  and  “Community Mum of the Year”   as well as Celebrity Mum of the Year it feels like a Mum of the Year Award ceremony should, really recognising mums for the amazing women they are.

Look at Claire Lomas for instance who won the Courageous title who became paralysed from the waist down in 2007 after falling from a horse.  She didn’t listen when doctors told her she would never walk again and in 2012 she completed the London marathon thanks to the help of a robotic suit.  It took her 16 days but she raised an astonishing £200,000 for Spinal Research.

Or Ann Maxwell the Charitable Mum of the year.   Ann was recognised for the millions she has raised in her son Muir’s name because she realised there was a serious lack of support available for families with children suffering with epilepsy, one of the symptoms Muir suffered as a result of being diagnosed with Dravet’s Syndrome.    Despite suffering her own ill health she has been tirelessly raising money and now funds DNA testing that gets parents a diagnosis so much more quickly.

Anna Kennedy is the Achieving Mum of the year as she remortgaged her own home to raise the funds necessary to start a school for autistic children.    Her own two sons were turned away from mainstream schooling and this spurred to on to start her own.  There are now two schools, a college, a home for respite and her online support website.

Enterprising Mum of the Year went to Karen Hardcastle who started a community group to support smaller charities that the public may not be aware of.     Her latest campaign is called Positive Image and is something very close to my heart.   The aim is that it will inspire confidence and positive body image in young people and to tackle issues such as obesity, anorexia, self harm, suicide and bullying.  Vital in this image obsessed society we live in.

All these amazing women do these incredible things at the same time as being mums.  Juggling child care and home life with giving themselves tirelessly to causes close to their chests.

The Twitter feed for #TescoMumOfTheYear kept me company coming back down the M6 last Sunday.  As the ceremony was taking place at the Savoy I was coming down from having spent time with similar women (and men).    All of the team that had made arrangements and got themselves to Snowdon with the single aim of raising money for Comic Relief.

I love this award show.   It is what an award ceremony should be about.  Recognising extraordinary women.   And I salute each and every one of them.

For a list of all the winners and highlights do look at the website:  Tesco Mum of the Year Awards 2013

The highlights will be on Channel Five tomorrow at 12pm and it’s perfect excuse to sit on the sofa for an hour, on Mother’s Day and watch it.



Photo Credit:  Tesco’s website

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