7 Day Basket Recipes — review

7 Day Basket is a recipe book that might just be a life saver for many busy families.

I have always said that I don’t have a problem with cooking every night, I have a problem with the planning of a week’s meals and the buying of the ingredients.  I sit down to menu plan, often with a ton of books or my online Thermomix recipe platform and my mind goes blank.  Trying to come up with interesting, varied and healthy recipes for a week takes me forever.  And if I don’t do that I end up shopping for a single day’s dinner and spending £30 a time.

Step forward then Ian Haste and his brand new 7 day basket recipe book.  The concept is genius.  There are 70 recipes split into ten different baskets, each one with a menu plan for the seven meals and an easy to copy shopping list that when bought will fit in one supermarket basket.   The recipes don’t need a million ingredients but feature fresh and healthy foods alongside some store cupboard essentials.

Baskets include warming, around the world, relaxed, spicy, comforting, veggie and summer. The recipes in each group sound amazing, things such as Moroccan beetroot burgers and garlic wedges, sausage bake with balsamic roasted onions, butternut and broccoli, Bombay chicken and Hassleback potato bake.   None of which are particularly complicated either.

Earlier this week I knew I wouldn’t be around to cook dinner in the evening so left all the ingredients out ready for the boys to cook the feta and chicken meatballs with lemon spaghetti later in the evening.   Though I did make the meatballs for them as they took minutes to do.

Basil, chives, feta, bread, garlic and the chicken breasts were all blitzed in seconds (though I did find that dicing the chicken breasts and freezing for half an hour first made them easier to mince).

It meant that then all they had to do was cook the meatballs and the spaghetti, which took 20 minutes and dinner was ready.

Since then we have tried a few of the other recipes, including a Thai coconut prawn curry which took just 20 minutes, and a chorizo and mushroom toast with avocado and eggs which took 15 minutes.

We love this book, it is going to be a firm favourite for both the great recipes and the ease of planning for a whole week’s meals.    Especially as all I have to do is buy the ingredients, nip out for a few hours and leave other people to it!



We were sent the book and a shopping voucher for a basket of ingredients

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