The Marriott Meterologist

You know sometimes you hear about something and you think “that is just bonkers” but then the more you think about it the better it gets?  Well that happened to me last week when I heard about the Marriott Meterologist.

The press release I read starts:

London Marriott Hotel County Hall, the South Bank’s five-star luxury hotel, has today announced the hiring of the world’s first Meteorologist in Residence.

Senior Meteorologist Kirsty McCabe, who currently presents on Sky News, will be presiding over local weather matters, helping hotel guests get the most out of their stay— whatever the weather.

And it was at this point that I thought “huh?!”.   Why on earth would a hotel need a meterologist?  What kind of feature is that to promote?

Spurring on Britain’s favourite topic of conversation, Kirsty will make sure that guests never find themselves at that three-hour matinee when it’s blue skies and sunny outside, or at the top of the London Eye shrouded in fog. Not only on-call 24/7 for weather advice, County Hall’s Meteorologist in Residence will also work with the hotel’s world-class concierge team to create weather dependent itineraries, filled with hand-picked activities suited to those dry and bright mornings or, more likely, wet and grey afternoons.

Under Kirsty’s watch, the hotel has also launched its Silver Lining Package – a weather reactive service for guests staying in their 12 premier suites, meaning that the rooms will respond, in real time, to the conditions outside.  Dull afternoon? Expect to see a light therapy lamp on the bedside table. Soft breeze turned windy? A hair stylist will be en route to re-coif before dinner. Unexpected rain? Ditch the plastic poncho— wellies and raincoats will be at the suite door. Sun’s out? Find a selection of luxury skincare already in the bathroom. And with so much to see from the windows, guilt-free duvet days are encouraged with delicious Vitamin D shakes and air purifying plants so guests can feel the outside, inside. Guests can even opt for a ‘sunshine only’ wake-up call.

Now it makes sense.   It’s even a little bit genius isn’t it?    I love this idea.  How many times have we been caught off guard as the weather didn’t behave in the way we wanted it to?  When we have packed for a summer weekend away and then seen it is going to be blowing a gale?


“Our Silver Lining Service is perfect for discerning guests who want to plan for every eventuality – we understand, whether you are staying in London for a long weekend or an extended holiday, time is precious and preparing your itinerary according to the weather can sometimes be a tricky affair” explains Govert Deketh, London Marriott Hotel County Hall General Manager

Rain stopped play?  They can organise a head massage

Bright sunshine?  No problem, they have handheld fans or cooling face mists

Windy day?  Hairdresser on hand to sort out a messy head, or SAD lamps to make you feel like you are sitting in the sun.

Even wellies for splashing in puddles can be organised

Such a simple idea and so much more exciting than concierge just being able to supply a forgotten tooth brush!

You can find out more about here:  Marriott County Hall (and of course everything is subject to availibility)


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