Use one word to describe yourself

Use one word to describe yourself

It’s hard isnt it?

One word that sums you up.

I had to think about it when Tara, who runs The Gallery linky,  asked me a few months ago.   Tara was putting together a group of 25 bloggers and asking them to describe themselves.   The results are here:  Describe yourself in one word.

And to be honest it took me days to come up with a reply.  And then I kept changing my mind

“Social” said Mr B.

Hmm, that made me think that maybe people would think that I was a lady of the night

I thought about “multi tasking”.   Or maybe even “hopeful” as hope is my favourite word.    But then at the end of a really busy day where I was juggling a hundred different things, as usual, I just thought that if I didn’t come up with my word there and then I would never come up with one.


That’s the word I picked.  It pretty much summed up how I felt right then.   How I feel a lot of the time in fact.   Just weary.   Not necessarily tired, if I went to bed I don’t think I would sleep so it is not tired as such.   But weary.

But then the next day when things have calmed down a bit and I feel I have achieved lots I could be feeling EPIC.    Though by lunchtime it could well be back to SHATTERED.

On Saturday when I am going to my first ever Mumsnet conference AND talking I will be NERVOUS.   Beyond nervous in fact and probably into the realms of TERRIFIED.    But at 7pm on Saturday night when I head home I expect I shall be SAD.

It’s hard to sum ourselves up in one word that could be used to describe us for longer than a couple of hours, isn’t it?  If you had to do it, which word would you choose?

Welcome to MummyBarrow. I am a slightly bonkers mum of three, wife to one. Never really sitting still as there is always so much to do! This is my bit of the web to get things out of my head and where I hope to make you laugh or think. I don't really talk about my children too much as they can Google themselves but I do talk about family life. And juggling. Oh and food and drink. I talk about those a lot. So do pull up a chair, grab a biscuit and have a rummage.

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    • MummyBarrow Author at 3:05 pm

      awwww thanks Emily! I love your “foodie” tag. You are indeed a foodie. Even Chef Ramsay agrees ;-)

  1. Neil at 3:02 pm

    Mine would be “alive”. At my age it is always great to wake up alive and live another day; but ‘alive’ also carries a connotation of being active and part of life. I love your ‘Carpe Deum’ philosophy and the idea that we have live each day to the full.

    • MummyBarrow Author at 3:07 pm

      Alive is good. Well the alternative is a bit crap really, isnt it? And yep. This is not the dress rehearsal

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