Which Harry Potter character are you most like?


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The joy of Harry Potter is that there’s a character that everyone can relate to. Whether your child is secretly wishing that their Hogwarts letter will soon arrive in the post, or you’re an avid long-term Potter fan who relates to an older, wiser character, there will be someone who you feel most akin to.

The fun of the Harry Potter fandom is that most people love to dress up or wear something Hogwarts-related when they attend an event. So, before you buy tickets for Warner Bros Studio Tours, why not identify who you are most like from the list below, and try a little cosplay?

Harry Potter

He might be the star of the show, but Harry isn’t anything without his friends. A little shy and unsure of himself at first, it’s Harry’s courage and love of family that sets him apart, as well as his Quidditch prowess. If you’re a team player with a dramatic past, you’re definitely a Harry.

Luna Lovegood

Sweet and open-minded Luna brings whimsy and fun with her wherever she goes and, although she is often laughed at, she is more than happy in her own magical world. Unaffected by bullies and boasting a unique style of her own, she is naturally very happy-go-lucky, but has an awareness of the darker side of the world, having lost her mum when she was young. You’ll be a Luna if you’re a hippie at heart who sees the best in everybody and offers a new perspective when it’s needed most.

Professor Snape

Sarcastic, secretive and still smarting from heartbreak, Severus Snape is the most misunderstood character in the whole series. To the untrained eye, he’s a bit of a mean-spirited bully, but in fact, he hasn’t had things easy and is in a constant state of turmoil over past events and decisions. He proves to be the ultimate anti-hero in the end, so if you tend to downplay your good qualities, you’re a Snape.

Ron Weasley

Ron is a sweetheart through and through. Happy to not be the centre of attention, perpetually loyal and indulgent of his parents’ eccentricities, he shows Harry what it means to be part of a family. Often a little overlooked, thanks to his best friend being ‘the boy who lived,’ when Ron does get a chance to step up, he always proves himself to be a true Gryffindor and so much more than a right-hand man. If you’re the glue that holds a friendship group together, you might just be destined to be a Ron.

Hermione Granger

Sharp as a tack and determined to show others what she can do, Hermione has a point to prove and does she ever! The smartest in her year at school, exceptionally brave and something of a late bloomer in terms of romantic entanglements, there’s a lot to love about Hermione, not least that she is a fearless feminist. If you’re a girl power advocate who sets themselves incredibly high standards and has a love for learning, you are for sure a Miss Granger.

Draco Malfoy

Poor Draco. All he really wants is to impress his father and be popular, but instead, he’s always on the sidelines and feeling a little overlooked. It’s his own fault, and once he realises that he doesn’t have to be an evil toad, he turns into a rather sweet chap. If you’ve felt the sting of expectation and a full head of bleach, you could well be a Draco, but don’t be downhearted; you just need to find your self-confidence.

Professor McGonagall

It’s unlikely that you can turn into a cat whenever you like, but if you’re smart, sassy and always ready to stand up for what’s right, you could be Minerva. In fact, her name refers to the Roman goddess of wisdom and war, which gives you an idea of what an unstoppable force Professor McGonagall is. Strict in the classroom but fearless and kind everywhere else, she brings a motherly element to Hogwarts, so if you have a maternal streak, you might be a Minerva.


If you prefer your own company and that of your pets, you’re definitely a Hagrid. Happiest when he is out in his shack, in the Forbidden Forest, and away from all the drama and nonsense of everybody else, Hagrid keeps himself to himself, but is a valuable ally when he’s really needed. He also has a way with animals, so if you have a big menagerie at home or consider yourself an animal-lover, this could be you.

You probably already know which Hogwarts house you are in, but were you surprised to discover which key character you’re most like? Embrace the magical world and all its characters by dressing like your favourite one for your Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

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