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Hello, and welcome to my corner of the world wide interweb.   I started blogging as the 140 characters on Twitter were no longer enough and as I have so much to say people increasingly suggested I blog.   That was 2011 and I haven’t looked back.

Not for one second did I ever think that in 2013 I would win not one but two Brilliance in Blogging Awards.  One for my use of Social Media (ie being all over it) and another in the Commentary category for being a founding member of Team Honk and the work we started with Comic Relief.  Or that in 2014 I would be involved in winning another Brilliance in Blogging Award for Team Honk’s work, and also a MAD Blog award for the same.    Team Honk is something I fiercely proud to be a part of and is something that is a direct result of blogging and shows perfectly the power of social media.   To date it has raised over £70,000 for Comic Relief and brought together a band of over 200 bloggers to not only raise funds but awareness of the good work the charity does.

As for me personally.  Well I am the wrong side of 40 and the wrong side of a size 16.  Mum of three and married to Mr B .

All my friends call me T (family call me TT), so pull up a chair and join me.

You might be asking “why the duck with the blindfold?” in my social media avatar   Well that is a very qood question.    There are few pictures of me as I hate having my photo taken.   I dislike most pictures of me as I don’t think I am photogenic.   The above picture, taken on a press trip to Comte pretty much sums up that philosophy 🙂

So when I signed up to Twitter, before I blogged and that meant that I needed a pic.    This picture of a big rubber duck out of our hot tub had been taken at a party a few months before.    There had been a pinata and somehow the blindfold from that ended up on the duck and a friend of my daughter’s took the pic.

I wanted to be anonymous on Twitter when I started and so I hid behind this duck.   As I got more followers and then started to blog the duck stuck.

And I kinda like it.    I am the same shape as the duck, would love lips like that and I am ever so slightly quackers.

You might also ask why “I am not a sodding potato”.   Another good question.    When people see my picture on Twitter that dirty duck tummy looks like a potato.  Or a butternut squash.  This lead to several hundred tweets where I screamed “I AM A DUCK I AM NOT A SODDING POTATO” and as a tag line it kind of stuck.

I am MummyB a self confessed handbag-aholic.  I am the wrong size of a 16 so high street fashion doesn’t really do it for me.  I buy all my clothes on line.  That doesn’t mean I am not interested.   I definitely am interested in looking good, I just can’t do it on your average High Street.   I also love all things smelly:  body lotions, hair products, shower gels etc.   My bathroom shelves groan.  I am also turning into a bit of a foodie.   I still can’t cook but I love to try and I love a gadget that helps make my food edible.  And therefore my children fed.
I also have a new found love of photography so like nothing more than grabbing my camera at the weekend and heading off to take photos.  Before coming home to a large glass of gin.  I really do love gin (current collection stands at over 70) and even went as far as making my own called Blogger Gin, which sold out in five weeks.
Mr B is my long suffering husband.  He is fluent in French and German and really likes the finer things in life.  Give him a decent bottle of wine or a fabulous steak and he will be in heaven.   Works in IT  and has a long commute so being able to relax is high on his list of priorities.   As is more time to play golf.   And play with cameras.
Spare time together is rare as weekends are spent with extended family who often need our attention but we are trying to find that balance again where we get to spend a bit more time at home, or  planning the next trip.  Especially since we bought Betty the Bus (our gorgeous new camper van) earlier this year.    Mr B is also a keen golfer and photographer, though clearly not at the same time.  Whilst I like to explore, I am not one for lying on a beach.
C is now 24 and has left home to set up her own nest with the adorable Mr M.   Working all the hours she can, C is never idle and makes me proud everyday.  She is a fashion junkie, and dreams of one day having a pug and a Fiat 500.   Another foodie who makes the most amazing cakes and baked goodies in her spare time and hopes to one day maybe start her own photography business too.  C and Mr M get married this year and then C will be Mrs M.  My heart bursts when I think about it.
J is 22 and walked straight into his first job after leaving college.   Doing all things accounting that I can’t begin to understand (having done A Levels that made my brain hurt when I even thought about them)  Heavily into music and a complete petrol head, more so now he has passed his test and has his own car, which has rapidly become his pride and joy.   We have more cleaning products than Halfords.   When it comes to cars he knows it all.   And then some.  Also into every gadget known to mankind.   He makes me smile and very proud every day.
E is 19, working more hours than should be legal and the proud owner of a car called Patrick.   More computer literate than I care to admit and knows it all (and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, she really does).   One of the most streetwise people I have ever met who has organised several trips abroad with friends where she has thought of everything for every eventuality beforehand in a way that makes me think “you are so brilliant”.      Another one that makes me proud of everything she does.
The rest of the household is made up of a mad dog, two cats, various fish and a couple of chinchillas.
I think that is pretty much all you need to know about me, and the rest of the Barrow household but if you do have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here or drop me and email:  tanya at mummybarrow dot com  or tweet me @mummybarrow

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