10 Incredibly Fun ways to raise money for charity


If you want to raise money for a charity close to your heart, you want to do it in a way that’s going to get attention. Not only could this help you to raise more money personally, it could also help the charity to become more well known. Raising awareness for a charity you care about is always a good thing! Here are 10 incredibly fun ways you can raise money for charity if you’re stuck on something to do.

Have Your Hair Cut Off

If you have long hair, you could have it all cut off to donate to a charity. However, some people have their head completely shaved for other types of charities. If you’re feeling brave and you want a change, this could be a great way to raise some money.


Do Your Own ‘Man V Food’

Are you a food lover? Perhaps you could do your own spin off of ‘Man V Food’. This is a program where a man visits some of the most incredible restaurants and eats their most delicious, calorific creations. Perhaps you could team up with a restaurant to create a sort of challenge you must finish in a specified amount of time. You could even make it a contest between multiple people, charging them to enter and awarding an amount to the winner and the rest going to charity.


Grow Your Body Hair

Growing body hair can feel strange to many people, which is why it’s a great challenge to try out for charity. You could grow a beard for ‘no shave November’, for example. To see if it’s for you, read ‘7 Things No One Tells You About No Shave November’.  If you’re a female your beard growing abilities are likely impaired. In this case, you could grow somewhere else if you’re brave enough. Men and women could even set up a wax for charity. For some reason, people really like to see others in the kind of pain that a leg wax can bring!


Start A New Hobby And Sell Your Creations

Why don’t you try a new hobby and sell your creations at a market stall, car boot sale, or from your garage? You can even sell them online via social media. You could make jewelry, knit clothes and toys, or make anything your imagination can conceive of.


Attempt To Break A World Record

What do you think you’re really good at? Take a look at the world record for it and see if you can beat it! Even if you lose, you’ll still raise money and have fun.


Do A Sponsored Silence

If you’re known as a bit of a chatterbox, why not do a sponsored silence? It’ll be tough, so it could help to wear a sign that tells people what you’re doing so they don’t try to talk to you and get confused when you ignore them. If you are a talker, people may pay good money for you to be quiet for a while.

Go Bungee Jumping

Fancy a thrill? Bungee jumping could be a fabulous way to raise money and step outside of your comfort zone.


Host A Quiz Night

Quiz nights can be a lot of fun, and they’re pretty easy to set up. If you host it somewhere busy, like your local pub, many people will turn up and want to participate. Charging just a small amount to enter could mean you still raise a substantial amount for charity.


Go On A Color Run

Color runs are lots of fun, and great for those who want to incorporate fun and fitness. You can be a complete beginner and do a color run, but they are great for people who already enjoy running and want to make it even better.


Come Dine With Me

‘Come Dine With Me’ is a TV program where a group of people cook each other dinner and host dinner parties at their homes. The rest of the guests rate them from 1-10 after each party and then the winner gets a cash prize at the end of the week. To do this for charity, you could arrange maybe 4 groups of 4, and contestants donate £25 to be in with a chance of winning £100. If they are confident in their hosting/cooking skills, they may be more than happy to hand over the cash. After the winner’s £100, the rest can go to charity.


What do you think of these 10 fun ways to raise money for charity? Leave your own ideas below!


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