100 Happy People

The above is the photo I was going to use for today’s Silent Sunday.   A nice vase of tulips taking on our patio table.   But then when I woke up this morning and lay in bed having a rare (and I mean really rare) lie in, I spotted this list:  100 People who make life better for others.

And it is such a glorious list I wanted to share it with you.   Today, on a day when the media is obsessing over the Kimye wedding vulgarity of over excessive cash waving.  Or tweeting about the fact that Michael Gove is being his usual idiotic self on Breakfast TV.   Or when another journalist is saying that school girls are fat because of netball “dainty flamingos who don’t want to break a finger nail”.    She has clearly never seen E’s team play at school if she thinks that.

This list signifies all that is good in the world.  People doing things for no other reason that to make other people feel good.   From giving children Christmas presents who wouldn’t otherwise have had one.   To Jo Carrick who’s work with drug users at the theatre company she founded:  Red Rose Chain.   I met Jo through Twitter and know what an amazing woman she really is.   To Zoe who helps families who have suffered the pain of losing a baby with Saying Goodbye (somebody else I know about through Twitter and have blogged about before).

Let’s all take today as a day where we don’t rant about twattish politicians.   Where we don’t highlight the bad that is going on.  For one day, just one day, let’s all highlight the good in the world.   The sun is shining, it is a bank holiday weekend.   Let’s make today really count if we can.

If we all do just one random act of kindness today wouldn’t it be an amazing day?


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