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4 Ideas for the Children’s Bedroom: Make Bedtime Fun

Every so often, you come across an idea for the children’s bedroom that makes you wish you were young enough to have that in your own room! Well, whether that has happened to you or not, by the time you are done going through this list, you will know that feeling for sure.

The Pirate’s Chamber

Does your child like pirates? If they do, this idea should work gloriously. There should at least be a pirate ship painted on one of the walls, either moored or floating away over the horizon, with the latter being more work, of course! Depending on your budget, you can also stretch the theme off the wall and onto your child’s bed; ropey hammock beds are actually not that difficult to pull off!

The Treehouse

Is it as good as the real thing? Most certainly not, but is it better than the average, boring bedroom? No doubt about it.

The treehouse theme is highly dependent on wall art, so hiring a professional artist for this one is advised. Choose any theme your child wants, be it the classic treehouse in the back garden, or one atop a giant, ancient tree, in the middle of a magical forest, surrounded by flowers and fairies. The bed, on the other hand, should resemble a treehouse perfectly, complete with wooden/wood-style enclosures and all.

Your Child’s Dream

This is all about finding a custom theme that will vary according to what a specific child wants their bed and room to look and feel like. Happy Beds is running this competition where children from all over the UK can send in their own drawings for the ideal bed design.

The top 10 designs chosen will earn each little designer a free beanbag, but the winner will get their dream bed, built for free by Happy Beds! So, if your child is the creative type, they may already have the best idea for their bedroom inside their head, and nothing can be sweeter than seeing your idea come alive with professional expertise!

The Racetrack

If you have a child who loves playing with cars and looks eagerly towards their first driving lesson at the age of four, the racetrack theme is going to be just perfect! Of course, if you google the idea, you will get more than enough designs to work with, but the central theme here is the bed. It must be designed to resemble your child’s favourite car model as closely as possible.

If there’s enough space, you can also turn your child’s room into a tiny basketball court, or a 90s clubhouse. The ideas are endless, but the most important thing is to remember who it’s for. Find out what your child wants and work with that theme. It’s easy to get carried away and think they will want the same theme that you wanted as a child, but that is most often not the case. Each child is different and you grew up in a different time altogether.


Image of children’s bedroom courtesy of Shutterstock

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