4 ways to celebrate your baby’s first birthday

Your baby’s first birthday is undoubtedly one that you want to celebrate and enjoy to commemorate them reaching this important milestone in their life. A first birthday is a big deal, and wanting to celebrate it is only natural.

But at one year of age, your baby won’t need all the fuss and activities that older children will need, nor do they need a whole host of activities to keep them entertained, because let’s be honest, they don’t really know what is happening. But you will.

This post looks at some ways you can make your baby’s first birthday something special and give you all memories to look back on.

Make Memories

One of the best ways to celebrate a first birthday is to immortalise it in a picture and give you memories you can look back on. While filming a party or activities is just as good, having a portrait of your child or family for this date can allow you to preserve the memory for many years.

From a portrait photography session, family photoshoot, or cake smash photography, you can pick something that reflects your family and who you are to give you fun pictures to look back on over the years.

Day Out

If you don’t want to plan a party for your baby, booking a day out for something you enjoy can be a great alternative. You can visit the zoo, go to soft play, visit a local attraction or pretty much anything you know your baby will enjoy or you as a family will benefit from. You can even choose to do your usual activities, such as going to playgroups, swimming, or the beach. This way, you still get the fun memories without the stress and expense of hosting a party.

Free Play

If you have a baby social circle or close friends with children of a similar age, instead of hosting a big party, why not just invite them around for a free play date? This way, you can get together with your friends, and the babies can play together and get some enrichment from social activities and playing with toys or doing various activities. Babies will still need to nap during the day, so informal play dates like this can provide some fun times without interfering with their schedule too much.

Family Time

If you do want to host a party for your little one, then a simple family party with your nearest and dearest can be a great idea. You can host everyone at once or stagger visitors during the day so things don’t get too overwhelming for your baby. This way, everyone gets to celebrate them in a less intense way, and the star of the day still gets all the love and attention from the people they love.

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is most definitely something you could be celebrating. However, you don’t always need to plan a lavish party for it to be special and memorable. You can choose to do many different things that will give you the same experience and help you commemorate this day in a way that works for you.

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