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4 ways to get more culture in your life

I think it’s true that many of us would like to be a little more cultured. We probably read some classics at school, visited the occasional art gallery and maybe watched a black and white French film and tried to figure out what was going on by looking at their facial expressions and for most, that’s where it ends!

Being cultured is all about being in the know, having something to contribute to conversations, being well read, well-travelled, confident and just curious about life both past and present. Although modern life doesn’t always make this as easy as it sounds, I’ve gathered 4 ways you can get a little more culture in your life!


Enjoy some live performances
We all enjoy a good boxset in front of the TV. But when was the last time you saw a play? There’s something really exciting about visiting the theatre, whether you’re watching a ballet, a poetry display, live music or even opera it’s a simple way to expose yourself to some culture and take it all in easily. The low chatter in the auditorium before the performance, the bubbling excitement as the lights go down and the curtain goes up – its enough to give you goose bumps! If you’re interested in trying an opera for the first time then check out Florence Opera House for tickets and the latest information.

Learn a new language

There’s nothing that says, “well-travelled” and “cultured” more than being able to speak another language. And while the idea of challenging your mind to learn a completely new dialect is a little daunting, it’s also incredibly rewarding. You don’t have to sit for hours and study either, learning a new language is something you can do on the go; ideal for us busy bees! Listen to some sound bites in the car or download a language app. Create some flashcards and stick them all around the house. Or, better yet, book yourself a trip to your chosen country and experience the language first hand.

Enjoy the classics

Many of us reserve our reading time for our summer holiday, where we enjoy a book in the current top ten. However, why not challenge your mind and rediscover a classic instead? Aim to read a classic per year and watch your reading repertoire grow! You could start with something you’re familiar with or something you read at school – Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations etc. You’ll probably love it!

Discover somewhere new

They say that travelling broadens the mind and it’s also true that travel bloggers and influencers make heading to the other side of the world look easy. But for the rest of us, getting time off work, dealing with the kids and all our other commitments often gets in the way. So, why not pledge to visit somewhere new at least once a year. You don’t have to even head abroad, maybe head to the other end of the country and see what you can discover there!


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