5 Things You Need For A Toddler Proof Home

When you have a toddler roaming about your home, you will want to keep them safe. They can move quickly, and when your back is turned, or you are doing something else, you need to make sure that your home is equipped to keep them safe. 

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to toddler-proofing your home, but here is a quick and easy guide to get you started.

Sturdy Flooring

Many parents can attest to the fact that, even though they are small, toddlers can cause a lot of damage when they are running around! So, when you are looking to toddler-proof your home, you will need to make sure that any carpets or rugs are secure to avoid trip hazards. 

However, the flooring itself also needs to be sturdy (to prevent dents and holes from forming) and wipe-proof. After all, toddlers are fans of drawing on things! So, for many parents, laminate flooring, wooden flooring, or even stone flooring are ideal options for keeping their homes clean and their toddlers safe. To look at the best flooring option for your home, head to www.mystonefloor.com.

Safety Gates

Yes, toddlers can climb stairs, but that doesn’t mean that they do so unsupervised. 

When you have toddlers, you will need to have safety gates at the top and the bottom of your stairs, as well as in areas that lead into your kitchen. This will help to prevent falls, cuts, burns, and scalding from the materials in the kitchen. Safety gates are also easy to fit and detach without any permanent screws or alterations being made to the doors that they are fitted to.

Outlet Covers

A common way for toddlers to get injured is via electric shock. So, when they are babies (and before they are crawling), it is best to make sure that all of the electrical outlets in your home are covered. 

There are many different types of outlet covers, but many parents opt for the flattest options possible to make sure that their toddlers can’t remove them. After a few minutes of trying, your toddler will get bored and move on to something else. Don’t be afraid to explain the dangers of electrical outlets to them at this age, too, in age-appropriate language.

Cabinet Locks

Even though you will have a safety gate blocking your access to your kitchen, you will also need to make sure that all of the cabinets have locks on them. Just in case your little one figures out how to climb over the gate! 

Many of these locks have the traditional lock and key system, whereas some others have combination locks or magnetic locks. In 2023, there is also the option to install smart cameras in your home, so you can keep an eye on who is trying to open the cupboards and cabinets in your kitchen.

Furniture Anchors

Another way many toddlers become injured is by climbing on furniture that then topples over. So, it is always worth investing in furniture anchors. These secure items like wardrobes and chairs to the walls or to the floor to ensure that they stay upright. These devices are usually adjustable in length and can be chosen to fit different types of furniture.

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