That is an awfully big number isn’t it?  And if you know anything about what is going on in the world at the moment you will know the significance of it.   The number of lives lost in the First World War and therefore the number of poppies planted in the Tower of London Moat.    Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red began being planted back in August and continued to grow until 11th November when the final poppy was planted just before the 11th hou” r.

They have all been sold, the proceeds all going to charity and are now being removed with painstaking care, cleaned, packaged and sold to their new owners.

On Wednesday this week we found ourselves having to get from Dartford in Kent to Richmond in Surrey, with a window of 6 hours.   “Let’s go through London and see the poppies”.    We felt we really should make the effort to see this iconic piece of art.   Can you call it a piece of art?

Anyway we found ourselves crossing Tower Bridge and frantically trying to find a car park on the sat nav.  It was actually remarkably easy and we knew where to go simply from the crowds.   Though having said that, there was a real order, nobody was shoving, everybody was very solemn and taking their time to reflect on just what the poppies represented.

It really was one of those moments that made you just stand and think.  Wow.   It was actually quite hard to comprehend that each one represented a life lost.

They say a picture says more than words ever can so here are just a few of the photos we took




It really was one of those moments that you felt pleased to have made the effort.   After all it is the least we could do when you think of what each of those poppies means.

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  • Not just awesome, but awe and then some.
    It’s the best example I know of ‘art’ being ‘moving’ on a mega scale.
    Utterly brilliant concept and execution.
    Now the challenge of trying to buy a poppy when they are all sold!

  • I truly envy you both!
    I always get VERY emotional at this time of year and,
    had I been able to visit the memorial I would have
    followed my well established pattern of behaviour.

    • sorry your LO one was poorly and you didnt get a chance to go. We went at the wrong time of day to get any really good pics, the light was in the wrong place but it was an incredible experience and I am so pleased we go to go. I just wish we had been quicker off the mark with buying one.