A “Cheeky” review — Sainsburys Sausages

One of my favourite blogs is  owned by @needaphone  aka Claire.

A fabulous blog that covers all sorts of things.  My favourite posts are generally the reviews by Rollie the cat.   Yes, Rollie is a cat and he has reviewed all sorts of things from Soda Streams to yogurts.   Rollie will shortly begin hotel reviews.  I love him and plan one day to cat-nap him.

Seeing how great Rollie is I thought that our dog Cheeky might be able to have a go too.   So this morning morning Cheeky had a go at reviewing Sainsburys sausages with E overseeing proceedings.

He finished his breakfast and looked like he could do with something else to eat so we cooked up some sausages.

These were the low fat variety as Cheeky is trying to look after his waistline.    They didnt take long to cook and to be honest they took even less time to eat.

If Cheeky really loves something he takes it out of his bowl and takes it into the living room to eat off the rug.  Only he knows why he does this and isn’t telling.   It was no surprise then that two minutes later we found this:

Suffice to say that if Cheeky had thumbs they would be pointing skywards.

Nice one Sainsburys.  Your low fat sausages are great and it is impossible to tell that they are indeed lower in fat than normal sausages.

Currently on sale at half price so stock up before Cheeky beats you to it.


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  • Cheeky is the cutest thing ever….wish I could get those sausages…we don’t believe in ‘low-fat’ pork products on this side of the Pond….

    New website is awesome…very classy!