A Menorcan Sojourn — Day Six

Binibeca was high on my list of places to visit during our week in Menorca, and had also featured heavily on the “Places to see” lists of people I had asked to give me their recommendations.

A whole fisherman’s village, again built on to top of a cliff beside the sea, Binibeca Vell is all about the white washed walls, terracotta floors, narrow cobbled streets and dark painted doors.   It has “Instagram me” written all over it.    Actually that is not true, it has “Silencio Por Favor” written all over it but then if you lived there you would be glad of that reminder to the thousands who descend everyday to take their own photos of this pretty village.

As we visited slightly out of season it was remarkably quiet so we were able to get photographs with no people in them (my favourite) I suspect in August this might not be so easy.    And whilst the streets were quiet, the restaurants were not, they were all doing a roaring trade in tapas, pizzas, and drinks (which of course we joined in with, would have been rude not to).


It really is a beautiful place for a wander, though it only takes about 20 minutes to do the whole village, and there are lots of shaded spots to stop and take a photo.   Sadly, it’s not “original”, I somehow thought it was.  It was built in the 70s by an architect and is all privately owned, though you can rent a villas or apartments if you would like to spend your holiday here.   Just follow the signs for Binibeca Vell and you will find a small car park just before the village centre, there is also a turning off to the left that isn’t sign posted as parking but everybody had parked there and it was also free so keep an eye out for that if the main car park is full (which I suspect it will be in August!).


There is also a small cove with fishing boats and a tiny area of beach (bigger beaches are on the other coves along this stretch of coast).

Definitely worth a visit for a morning, just time it so you can have a Pomada (gin slush puppy) and some tapas too!


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